When is a scrap quilt not a scrap quilt?

Last night at Quilt Guild we had Kathy Delaney as a guest speaker and she asked this question. “When is a scrap quilt not a scrap quilt? I always thought a “scrap quilt” was when you used only your scraps. You know in Split Rail quilts or Log Cabins and so on. She explained to her it is when you don’t plan it out, or when it is a Kit. She had so many applique, and other beautiful quilts. Some of the applique quilts she explained she used different fabrics for the blocks and no fabrics for the flowers were the same.

She had one quilt made of 10 fat quarters and no 2 parts of the star block were the same. I purchased 3 of her books.

Her book “Beyond The Basics” is exactly what I needed to help keeping me from having to be so “Unscrappy” with a scrappy quilt. She has you take 10 fat quarters, cut the pieces for the quilt out of each of the 10 fat quarters and put all like pieces in bags you can’t see into. You take a piece out and sew it where it is needed. The only way you can change the fabric is if you are already using that fabric in the block. I do think that I will give it a try. Think it will work?

I also wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions on keeping the puckers out of the quilt backs. I took out the quilting and then ironed it and guess what. NO PUCKERS. Thank you so much for the suggestion. It has taken me all week to get the quilting done along with all the other stuff I needed to do, and tonight I will sew the binding on.

Tomorrow will see me making peanut brittle and fabric Easter Eggs. I plan to start on a little scrap quilt. I don’t want to start too large. Just in case I give up. I also need to make a few 24×24 matching quilts. Our guild makes baby quilts 24×24 baby quilt for parents who have lost a baby at birth, or shortly after. In theory 1 goes with the baby in burial, and the parents keep the other. An organization called 2 Little Giraffe Project provide a box with different items to help grieving parents. A wonderful project. I plan on making 3 sets before we go on vacation. Some fun days ahead.

We love and appreciate hearing from you.

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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

4 thoughts on “When is a scrap quilt not a scrap quilt?

  1. That would impossible for me to do as I have strong opinions about color combos. Pulling scraps out of a bag?? Yikes! Double yikes! I use scraps for applique and they go where I decide.


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