Such a Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, is only 14 days away. It is such a Blessed time and full of Miracles to be dismissed. I love the excitement, the feeling in the air when out in public. It truly amazes me how on any other month, people are rushing around and paying little attention to others. Some can be down right rude. December people have a smile on their faces, friendly nods, and helpfulness out there. See a miracle for a month.

Last week we took Granddaughter to see Santa. (This is one of many trips she will take to visit this Jolly Man. There was a little carnival for kids to participate in to add to the day. She was so excited all day.

Monday she and I went shopping. My plan was to shop for her mom and sisters. Her plan was 2 hours in Dollar Tree and she bought for all grandparents(3 sets) aunts and uncle, sisters, the sister’s boyfriends, and cousins and their boyfriends. She did have to get some stickers for herself. The home to wrap them. We did buy a BIG bag to take them home in.

No photo description available.

This will I will be making tamales and some candy. I have made cookies and they are in the freezer. This year will bring something different to this house’s Christmas Dinner. Usually we have either ham or Mexican. This year it will be later in the day and be a Buffet. Pulled pork, shrimp, (If I can grill Sword fish), tamales, and baked chicken. This way it fits all diets, allergies, and not being in the kitchen for a whole day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone together laughing and enjoying each other.

What are you doing these days? What ever you do enjoy it.

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