A Week of No TV

We decided to change our Television providers and there was a week of overlap and boy, did I get a lot done. Puzzles, cleaning, sewing, and making peanut brittle. Today has been the first full day of television service and I haven’t missed all the drama it brings into my home. It is staying off more from now on.

One of the things I made were caddies. Caddies for walkers, and wheelchairs for an assisted living center. I never realized how some of these items are so hard to come by. I have been asked about Dignity Bibs. Until I was asked did I get to thinking of this issue. I saw some on Pinterest, but what was used at some places were bigger baby bibs. Sad. I think I will be making some dignity bibs that I would want to see loved ones wear. Have you heard anything about these? I really would like to know.

Now for the quilters out there here is a photo of a card I purchased at the Regional Quilt Festival.

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10 thoughts on “A Week of No TV

  1. I think both the caddies and bibs are a great idea! I had not heard of the bibs and will have to look them up. When my hubby had his foot in a boot and needed to walk with crutches, he asked me to make him something to put around his neck so he could carry stuff around!


  2. I had not heard of adult bibs but now that I Googled it, it’s such a great idea!! I really like the idea of a ‘dignified dining scarf’ and found a pattern I’m going to try! Thanks for mentioning it! If it turns out I’ll make a bunch and donate them to a local ‘senior’ center 🙂


  3. I have that card as well as some of their fabric. I love their stuff. I made a large version of a bib for my last mother in law. Nothing fancy because the laundry at the nursing home her son put her in ruined most everything they washed. I took most of her laundry home to do myself but on occasion, someone new put stuff in the general laundry and they bleached the heck out of everything. 😦 I’ll look those bibs up. If you come up with a photo, I’d love to see one. Leaving my tv off today too.


      1. Yes, but I think the benefit has been more on the thinking side of things…now when I see a tv program, I am often amazed at how opinions and social norms are being fed via progams, ads and the news. After not having tv for 10 years, the difference is really quite shocking. Had it not been for the break, I doubt we would have noticed.


  4. I haven’t had anything but Roku for the last 8 years. It’s at the point now where unless Star Trek has new episodes, I almost never have it on, or only have Pandora on. LOL Now if I could do the same with the computer, I’d get a LOT done! LOL


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