Right now it is a balmy 18 degrees and by noon it will be a scorching 25.  Guess I will have to get out in the weather and get groceries sometime today as the next week will be colder.  But this morning brings quilting a quilt for Vicki, my sister in law.  She has hinted at wanting a quilt in the past and at Thanksgiving the hint was a little stronger.  It will be on the way next week, Vicki, I promise.  Here is a sneak peek.  IMG_20171228_085821084.jpgThe quilting will be finished today and then the hand work on it and then ready to mail.

The next project will be making more pillow cases.  Not necessarily for beds, can be if you want, but I like changing things up from time to time.  Or with grand kids, even teenagers, laying around, spill things from time to time(I never spill, hahahah) can come off the pillow form and be washed.  Change for the season.  I have found sometime if you have the chance to get sample fabrics that are about 2 ft square, they make great pillow tops.  Smaller ones make great quilted block pillow top.  Gotcha interested??? Gotta wait to see them and then see the process for some a little later. Right now I have to finish quilting Vicki’s quilt.

Stay warm, especially those in PA.

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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

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  1. That’s a great quilt for the lucky Vicki! At first, when you said “balmy” 18, I was thinking you lived in Australia, but then I figured it out. That’s the kind of weather East Tennessee is having, too, and I’m not thrilled. LOL


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