Day 2

We have has some Very long days in the car, but it has been so worth it.  I have been to 5 states and 3 quilt shops.  Today we went to a quilt shop in a ladies home, this one had a 5 star rating in the Row by Row quilts and it earned it.  Nonna’s Cottage in Zanesville, Ohio.  I loved that shop and the lady was so nice.  We then went to one in St. Clairsville, Ohio.  I wasn’t overly impressed with this store.  When walking into the shop the front was a chaos mess where she had all kinds of items covering the top of the work area.  When she wanted to do something she had to make room, then dig around to find a sack to put my purchase in.  Her prices were at least a dollar more than other places for the same fabric.  She just seemed very disorganized and in return it was hard to want her fabric.  On the bright side we got to see a wonderful small “Norman Rockwell” town.  It was great.  We were there at Noon the Court House bells played “Proud To Be An American.”

From here we went to the Flight 93 Memorial.  This was so emotionally amazing.  These are the photos we took of this.

This is where Flight 93 came down inverted
Getting closer to crashing
To represent 1 World Trade Tower being hit
To represent where the 2nd tower was hit
To represent the Pentagon was hit.
The flight tracking on that fateful day

IMG_4583Inside the building were very chilling recording of the calls people made home to their loved ones.  Photos of the crash and recordings from the first responders.  On the Memorial site are planted 40 groves of 40 trees in each grove for each of the 40 passengers and crew members who died.

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