Will try again

Yesterday I wrote a blog(the best one ever….hahahaha) and then forgot to “Publish” it.  With that being said, here is another try.  Monique’s FaceBook Friends of Farmhouse Quilts is hosting a Christmas Sew A Long.  This has been lots of fun.  You should check out either her blog  http://farmhousequilts.blog/  or Facebook page and see this month’s block.

I am now taking umbrella’s apart and remaking them.  This is fun so far and not hard at all.  I bought 3 at the local thrift store for 49 cents each and now this is what they look like.IMG_20170818_183647353.jpg I am having fun making something new out of something old.  What have you up cycled?  Then there are the aprons from jeans.  So many different things. I will post photos when I have a new umbrella.  Ooops power just blinked so time to sign off.  Stay dry everyone.