Re made Umbrella

Today I finished up with my umbrella.  This was so much fun.  Start with an old umbrella and remove the fabric from the base.  This is what you will have left. IMG_20170818_183647353 Now take apart the fabric so you will have 1 section as a pattern.  Cut out 8 pieces of the pattern.IMG_20170819_083030965.jpgNow start sewing the pieces together.  I sewed a scant  1/4 inch seam.  Leave a little opening at the very top of the pieces so this will fit onto the base. When you have that done you will have something like this.IMG_20170819_090142887Now a scant hem. IMG_20170819_085920501_HDRThe hardest part of the umbrella is tacking the ends of the base onto the fabric top.  This is the time consuming part of the umbrella.  Once you are finished then you are finished and this is what you will have.IMG_20170819_094846589Now all I have to do is to spray the top of the umbrella with a plastic spray to waterproof it.  I am hooked and will be making more.  Got the old umbrellas at a thrift store and spent $1.49 for 3 of them.  So much fun. You may want to try it.


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