Is It Fall or Winter?

Woke up this morning to 28 degrees and snow. The weatherperson is calling freezing rain and up to 3 inches of snow. I am not sure if I am ready for this. Thank goodness we were out yesterday and Saturday getting Christmas gifts. We are staying in today. The wind is really blowing today and I can’t always tell if the leaves or snow are falling. The poor birds can’t tell what is going on… You can hear them chattering out side my window.

We are still adding names to the drawing so you have until Halloween to keepadding your name. Just comment.

Today I will be making bread and Date Cake. Hubby loves it and his mother made it for him at Christmas and now I am making it for him only make them small loaf sizes and freezes them. Then he has about 4 servings when he wants them.. I do the same with bread. Days stuck inside are great days for sewing and baking.

If you are interested in a Date Cake recipe that has been used for 3 generations.

Date Cake

1 lb dates cut up 1/4 tsp salt

2 c sugar 1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs 2 1/4 c flour

2TBS butter 1 c walnuts

1 tsp baking soda 2 c hot water

Pour hot water and soda over dates and let stand while you nix the batter. Mix sugar adn butter, add beaten eggs, add water off dates, flour, and vanilla. Add dates,nuts . Pour into a Bunt cake pan (I use small loaf pans).Bake at 350 for about an hour or until done.


Happy 5th Anniversary to One Creative Family

I can’t believe I have been bombarding you with the crazy thoughts in my brain for 5 years. I know it hasn’t been interesting even when I reread it I thought you are a little borig and loco. It has been fun and so with this in mind we are celebrating with a $25 Amazon gift card. Just leave a short message on this post and your name will go into a drawing that will be drawn on Halloween. I decided on an amazon gift card because everyone who uses Amazon will be able to enjoy it. Not just US residents.

Now we are in the making mode of fall and Christmas gifts. I had so much fun making my little scarecrow pillow and plan on making more and maybe some into snowmen.

Saturday Night we puppy sat our Son and DIL’s 2 yr old puppy. He got trash can from hubby’s computer room and there were little pieces of cand stuck to the bottom of the can.

Jethro did beat us to bed. He is an 180 pound English Mastiff. When he decided to play I fell into a rocking chair and the only thing that saved me from falling over backwards in the chair was the wall behind us. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get out of the chair. Hubby came into the living room to see what was going on and Jethro found another playmate and hubby got knocked over and landed on an end table. After this we braced ourselves better when playing. He thinks he is a small lap dog.

Hope you have as many laughs in 2 days as I had puppy sitting. Enjoy your day.

I can tell this is October

This has been a month from Hell. The last 16 days have been busy and very stressful. Fainally got the driveway, porch, and patio poured and the side gate put back on.

Before. The reason for new driveway

After Love it.

The patio.

Next was fresh seed went down and watering twice a day for the next 3 weeks.

Dishwasher went out and after looking for a new one we’ve decided to wait to see if we can get parts for this one (only 2 yrs old and the motor is frozen) . Right now they have been on back order since March. Went to about 7 places looking at dishwashers and were told the same. We have only 1 out of 8 in stock and will be at least 3-4 weeks before we can get it installed. Washing dishes the old fashioned way, by hand.

Granddaughter and her boyfriend have had Covid, Patrick (her boyfriend) still has it, but getting better.

And this was in the first half of the month. The rest can only get better. Right? Right.

I am looking forward to Spring so I can put a flower bed in next to the patio. Speaking of the patio, as you can see lots of dirt.Today I had watered the yard and went out back to move the sprinkler. I had my Birkenstock sandals on and when I started walking into the mud, not thinking, I sunk into it and walked right out of my sandals. Trying to pull them out of the mud, I slipped and fell on my bottom. I looked to make sure the neighbors were not outside. Hubby was laughing so hard he could not catch his breath. Yes, he had been watching from the kitchen window. Thinking back on it, I would have laughed just as hard if it had been him. They say mud is good for the skin.

Tomorrow I will end the watering in the muddiest area so the sprinkler can stay there til it dries.

Tomorrow we are going to get some solar lights for around the patio area. They are on sale. I hope you can find something to laught at, makes life so much less stressful.

We should have gone on vacation!

With this virus crud going on we had to cancel or vacation plans to Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossom and the sites. So we changed plans to Yellowstone, no they were closed. So we decided to do some repairs around the house. Put that money into things we’ve been putting off. Soounds good right? Well sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and hang on.

April 2020

Had an Air Conditioner company out to do yearly maintance to get ready for the summer and the man told us that the breaker system for the electric was outdated and illegal. The house was built in the 50’s and hadn’t been up dated so we said gotta be done either now or later so why not now. The work was done, we were out of electricty for a total of 2 days , not bad. We needed to call the city to bury the lines (city is going to this). We called April (twice) May called weekly June city came out and were pretty snotty because we were cheating the city. The meter was reinstalled backwards and we were stealing electricity. Their inspector came out and checked things up. They finally came out in July to bury the cable. The long wait due to Covid. These men never came in the house, didn’t even come to the door. OH well.

June letter from IRS wanting us to pay them for the work we had moving the washer and dryer up to the basement and getting a dishwasher installed. The company we had hadn’t paid taxes in years. We had to prove to the IRS we had paid for the work.

While the house was being rewired we found out the dishwasher was not wired in right, so we had to have the electric redone for that.

This month the ice maker went out and we had an appliance repair company come out to fix it and told us the issue was the plumbing. He doesn’t do plumbing. Called the plumber out and while he was fixing the pipes he noticed the dishwasher was hooked up to the cold water instead of hot water. Nice. He fixed it.

This brings us to Saturday. We scheduled to have a new driveway (from single drive to double), porch and patio repoured.


Waiting for the concrete trucks

The patio waiting. The light brown is where the city dug to bury the line. The dark is fresh dirt from the patio and will be spread thru out the yard where there is still a trench from the city.

Now Sunday, I spent baking and when tried to run the dishwasher it wouldn’t work. Filled and Drained, but not run. This morning I called the appliance repair and they asked questions and then said it was the main wash motor and would be cheaper to purchase an new one. This will wait till sometime next week and the driveway is now full of rebar and not drivable for the delivery truck and no steps to walk up.

So now I ask, should we have taken a vacation instead?

You gotta laugh thru all this. Hubby said no more house repairs. Hopefully the last few months of the year will be better.

Find something to laugh at and enjoy your days.

Been busy These Days

I haven’t been on the computer much lately. Out looking for a new refrigerator, so expensive and so many not in stock and will be months before you can get them. We have put that on hold, hope this keeps working for a while longer.

Getting a new driveway, porch, and patio. These men have benn working hard and by Wednesday the pouring will begin. I can’t wait. Finished the Liberty quilt I’ve been working on. So glad it is finished and now to get ready for something new.

Today brought cookie baking, made Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butter Horns.

Then Destiny and I made little cakes. She decorated them and took them to her Aunt Alicia for her Birthday.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Old made into New

My week has been an emotional up and downs and not a lot got accomplished, but I did one thing that I have been putting off for a while. I purchased a chair at a garage sale and it needed recoverying so I finally got hubby to help me take it apart and put it together again.

Now I will hope this bright chair will inspire me to get creative. We will see what happens next week.

Stay safe and have a great day

Our first virtual sale coming up.

A while back I talked about vitual sales and was wondering if anyone had done them. Well we have been doing some checking into them. They are LOTS of work and here is what I found out.

Facebook is the place to have them, but if you plan on selling often on FB you need to be consistant with time and days you are live. This seems to take at least a month to build your following. This isn’t what I was looking to do. I wanted something not so often.

Most virtual sales I looked into were a week long and usually a group of people went in together and you were given a day and time to post your information. This is what I will be doing, We have a day to sell our items and are asked to invite as many people to participate as you have friends. This will get a large audience and possibily more sales. For this I will be taking more photos of what we have to sell and get ready to post them. I will lelt you know when we are going ot be on FB selling our stuff.

I am starting to work on some Christmas home decorations. I want to make new stockings for us. Trying to decide if I will be making some for the kids and grandkids. We have started our Christmas shopping and I would like to get it done by Thanksgiving. Then I can start having fun wrapping.

Bed Pillows
Dragon clock
small messanger bag

Do you believe with age comes wisdom?

If this question you would answer yes, I think we proved this debatable. We ordered 1/2 a calf from my sister in Texas. We got word that it was ready and as hubby and I are 70 and 66 we watch were we go and what we do as he is a prime canidate for this virus, we didn’t want to get sick or not knowingly give it to a sibling we decided a non visiting trip. We had a short time span due to babysitting and Dr visits we forgot our age and left KC MO at 2:30 pm drove 16ish hours to Port O’Connor, TX. We stopped for gas, food, and a couple times at Buckees. (I will explain what Buckees is in a few). When we got to my sister’s there was no hugging and we kept our 6 ft distance, visited for about 30 min. Loaded the car and headed out. Coming home took a little longer due to rush hour traffic. We pulled into the drive about 11:30pm. Gary drove all but about 2-3 hours so he could grab a quick nap.

Unloaded the car and too wide awake to sleep. Finally got to sleep about 3am and the phone rings at 8am so up I get. I made a list of all the beef we got and being on the coast we got shrimp also. After getting the freezer set up I put shrimp in bags of about 1 lb and sealed the bags. Picked up granddaughter from school at 4pm. 2 other granddaughters came over and we had a great visit till about 10:30 then they left. Destiny and I had our sleep over and got up at 6am to prepare for a garage sale.

I doubt we will ever do this again. Wed -Sat evening only about 12 hours sleep. It took this old body 2 plus days to recoop. We are loosing some of our “wisdom” as we get older.

Now what is Buckees????????

Buckees is a convience store in Texas. some are just the average size and some are a little bigger. Now when I say a little bigger, you ever hear “Everything is bigger in Texas”? Well the largest stores are like a Walmart on steroids.

Gas stations on steroids: Welcome to Buc-ee's

The two rows of roofs on the left are the gas pumps the one on the right is the building.

The nexr few photos are of the store. Lots of fun wandering thru.

Only on News 5: First look inside Buc-ee's new Baldwin County store
The Texans are coming: Why you should be excited for Buc-ee's and Alamo  Drafthouse - Atlanta Magazine
Buc-ee's opening Wednesday | News |

3 in 1 Bags

I was given a pattern for an expandable bag about a yr ago and have not made one of them until yesterday. I have tweaked the bag some and love how this turned out. We will start out with size small. The small size measures about 13×20.

Ok so now you take your tote shopping and start buying more than you planned. Just unfold some of the top from the inside of the baf and move your handles to the next set of D-links.

Now your bag measures about 20×21 inches or so. Want to shop more? Just move the handles again and your bag is full size.

Now full size it is about 20×25. This is now my favorite tote to put into the car for shopping sprees. I will be making a few more for Christmas gifts. As the pattern was shared with me I will share it with anyone who wants it I don’t know the original designer of this but it was a great idea.

What fun things are you making today?

His and Hers

Just finished 2 baby quilts yesterday. A friend of mine is waiting for the arrival of 2 greatgrand babies. She wanted 2 very special baby quilts for them One in ble and one in pink. You got it a boy and a girl. After some long and hard thinking I decided on Hunter’s Star. This is a pattern that looks challenging but isn’t.

Now to go bake some cookies and bread. This week has been very fall like here in Missouri and it always puts me in a baking mood.

Have a wonderful Sunday and stay safe.

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