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Infinity Shell

This is a pattern for an Infinity Shell Alicia wrote a while back. Give it a try.

Infinity Shell

Infinity Shell

By Hooked2yarn

Stitches to know

Slip stitch

DC-double crochet

Sc- single crochet

Shell -5dc in same stitch

Sm V- sc, ch2, sc in same stitch

The above infinity scarf was used with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This yarn and an “I” hook. I can comfortably wrap this around my neck twice.

Ch 155, join to the first chain being careful not to twist.

Rnd 1- Ch 3 (this counts as first DC), 4dc in same stitch, skip next 3 chains, Sm V (sc, ch2 sc in same stitch), skip next 3 chains, *shell (5 dc in same stitch), skip next 3 chains, Sm V, skip next 3 chains, * repeat *to *. Join with slip stitch to top of starting chain 3.

Rnd 2-Slip stitch in next 2 dc. Chain 3 (this counts as sc, ch 3 of sm v) sc in same stitch, *Shell in chain 2 of previous sm V, Sm V in 3rd dc of previous shell*. Repeat from * to *. Join with slipstitch in ch2.

Rnd 3- Chain 3, 4dc in same stitch, Sm V in 3rd dc of previous shell, *Shell in ch 2 space, Sm v in 3rd dc of previous shell *. Repeat from *to *. Join with slip stitch to top of chain 3.

Rnd 4, repeat rows 2 & 3 to desired width.

*feel free to make and you wish, however I would appreciate it if I was given the credit for having written the pattern.

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Today I worked on getting all my Christmas put away and cleaning the sewing room. Felt good to sit and see everything in it’s place. For how long? I don’t have a clue. I even got a set of placemats and napkins made. I am on a roll here. I stacked all my UFO’s to the side and have everything ready to work on. Good start. Then the phone rings and the brakes went on and I had to do some thinking. I need to come up with ideas and guidelines for the idea for Quilt Guild. Our quilt show is in April and the theme is “The Wonders of Snowflakes”. We will supply each member with a piece of fabric to be used and they have to make something by April. I am new to the Guild business and signed up to “Help” with this committee. I got appointed chairperson because no one else signed up. What kind of guidelines should there be other than the obvious? Use the fabric and represent the theme. Am I missing anything? Over thinking it?

I did manage to play with alcohol ink and a wine bottle. I do like this idea and plan on making lots more.

Glad Hubby has a drill and the bits to drill the hole in it for me.

Tomorrow will bring trying to finish up on some UFO’s, and use up some of my fabric so I will have a “good reason” to go shopping. I hope everyone has a good Friday.

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Do you like baked potatoes?

We like baked potatoes, but not the tough skin from when cooked in the microwave. I found these Potato Bags. They are GREAT! All you do is wash the potato, put in the bag, and bake. These bags keep the potatoes moist, and hot till ready to serve. I have also cooked corn on the cob in it. It is a must for my kitchen. Who doesn’t like good and quick?????

Today I will show you how to make one in less than 30 min.


2 fat quarters (one for outside bag and one for lining 1 21×10 cotton batting or insulbrite

Finished bag.

Start by cutting your fabric and batting into rectangles of 21×10.

Now you will stack them batting first the lining (wrong side on batting) and the outside fabric face down on the lining.

Sew 1/4 inch around the rectangle leaving an opening on the bottom to turn the bag right side out.

Now turn right side out.

I top stitch the bottom to close the opening. Now fold the bottom up 10 inches and then fold the top down over the bottom you top stitched . Since my lining was black and I wanted a little showing I folded the top piece up a little to give a contrast. Now sew the sides together. If I am using this for a craft fair or a gift I insert this instruction page, giving the user some kind of directions.

Hope you enjoy this.

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I’m not making any resolutions because I have an issue being successful. So this year my goals are to set weekly goals for health, and being more organized. Over the years I find that the more I am home retired, the less I actually focus on getting done. I have been wanting to paint the inside my houses for 3 yrs now and I keep putting things off. So this year a weekly list is being made(I have started already).

This is the time that I start making items for the summer craft fairs. Today found me making microwave bowl cozies, (9 made), a set of place mats, cutting the scraps for these into 2 1/2 inch strips, and squares. More for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve. See you in 2019.

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Cleaning and Organizing

I have been cleaning the sewing room and trying to organize things so I can find what I want when I want to. Glad that part is done now I need to decide what to do with the fabric I have that is for clothing. I may donate it. We will see.

I did finish my flower wall hanging. The only thing I am not happy with is that there hasn’t been any sun the last few days to be able to photograph it outside so all the beading will show up. I will post of photo of it when the sun comes out. In the mean time here it is.

This will be short as I have to be up at 4am for Destiny. Mom’s hours changed from late at night to early in the morning. Destiny will be 4 tomorrow and we have a big day planned for her.

Have a great day.

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With New Years just around the corner, I have been thinking of “New Year’s Resolutions”. My resolution is to make weekly lists and journal more. I also joined in on a Quilting UFO Challenge with APQS and Farmhouse Quilts. The first thing I needed to work on was the Flower Wallhanging. I decided to add beads to it. I think this is looking better with the beads. I am asking for your thoughts on this.

More beads is needed.

What are your plans for the New Year? Any big special plans? Big special projects?

2019 will be bringing more to the One Creative Family. Granddaughters are wanting to add more to the group. That will be nice. Let me introduce you to the family of crafters.

Back Row: Allen and Kay Adams(Ashley’s parents), Alicia(Daughter), Me, Gary(hubby), Jimmy(son) Front Row: Alexis(Granddaughter) Emily(Granddaughter), Cecilia(Granddaughter), Katelin(Granddaughter), Mary(Daughter)Destiny, & Ashley(Daughter in law). Here we are one big crazy, fun loving family.

Ugly Sweater contest Christmas Day. Alicia won(2nd from right).

Have a wonderful 2019.

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Such a Beautiful Season

Yesterday we had our “Mini” Christmas. As Katelin and Emily (2 granddaughters) couldn’t be with us tomorrow we had a family get together and celebrated with them. The theme was Desserts, and my table looked it.

Way too much food. The house was full of fun and laughter.

Everyone gets so busy, it is great to take some time and just enjoy life. This we did and am looking forward to tomorrow. This afternoon I am meeting with my good friend to exchange gifts. The stipulation we put on our exchange is that they have to be hand made in part or all. She is an artist so I made her 2 bags to carry her art to and from galleries, and then bought her a dragonfly suncatcher I made the box to put it in.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa, and just as important Happy 2019. May it bring you wonderful times and memories.