I’m back

This last week we went to Houston, Tx for a memorial for my sister.  Her 8 month battle with Leukemia is finally over.  We left here and made a few stops while we were traveling.  Got some new fabric. It is so great I don’t want to use it yet.  It is from Australia. The … More I’m back


Not only are we a creative family but we are a big creative family.  My dad is an only child but mom is 5 of 8, most of whom live in TX.  With technology what they are these days we are able to keep in contact quickly and efficiently.  A while back we learned my … More Family

This Monday brings good and bad and this is life.  The bad it is summer and the ice maker is out.  So out to Sonic and get a bag of ice and life is good.  Repair man comes today to replace it. Hubby make beautiful wood work, plays beautiful music, but mechanically inclined he missed … More

Row by Row stated

I have been patiently waiting for the Row By Row Experience started.  This year’s theme is music.  I don’t necessarily make the traditional Row by Row quilts but I like the designs as table runners and so on.  I am making a list of where I need to go around me to get the easy … More Row by Row stated

My Quilt of Valor is done and ready for delivery.  I am trying to decide if we wait to deliver in person or send to mom to give or girlfriend to give.  Not 100% sure when we will be going south.  Will probably send to girlfriend or mom.  That will be decided later today to … More