Little Projects on the agenda for this week

Last week I painted the sewing room and got things back to normal. Then with having Granddaughter 3 days a week I found if I don’t plan to finish things I don’t. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I started making a series of 4 panels. Just practicing free motion quilting. I was so in the zone I didn’t hear the phone ring, or hubby telling the phone was for me. When he tapped me on the shoulder I screamed and jumped. Ever get that into doing something? Well this is the first panel finished.

As I was sandwiching my little piece I remember the advice I got from someone that they spray baste and iron their sandwiches so there won’t be any wrinkles. I thought I will try this especially since it was small. The spray basting and spray starch were side by side, you got it, I spray starched it and ironed. It was damp and NOT sticking together. Frustrated I let it dry and pinned it and quilted. It wasn’t until I was ironing some place mats that I noticed what I had done. I have moved the spray starch and spray basting so they don’t sit next to each other.

Today I will be cutting out a dress for Destiny and a blouse for me. Maybe the dress will be finished by time she comes over tonight. Maybe Thursday is more realistic. Have a wonderful day all.

A Little Drive Around Independence, MO

With all this virus going on and the protesting we just wanted to go for a little outing. We drove around Independence and took a few photos. We do live in a pretty area. Just a little history about Independence. This is where all the Wagon Trains would meet to start out to Santa Fe, California, and Oregon. The travelers would try and purchase enough supplies to last for the long trip. We also have to oldest Court House still in use. We are also the home of President Harry S. Truman.

This is Clinton’t Soda Shop. President Truman would walk from his home to this for a soda.

Court House, still in use.

President Truman’s home with wife Bess

This is the original well house. After this history how about a walk around one of our parks.

This was a fun walk on a nice day to walk. Hope you have enjoyed it.

We’ve been a little busy.

Last week Hubby had been saying he can’t hear the voices on the TV. We have a sound bar, but that wasn’t helping. So we went to the Audio store. We decided to purchase a surround sound system and they will be installing it. Then the crazies hit us hard and purchased a 55 inch QLED tv. I decided that I might as well stop putting off the painting the inside of the house. It has been about 15 yrs since last painted. I started with the most important room. My sewing room. Walls are finished and I am putting things back in place, and deciding what I want to keep or not.

The room was blue and now a light lavender.

Color on right is the new color.

While I was going thru all the nick knacks and found a diffuser from Hubby’s Parents.

I don’t think I will use it until the cord is replaced. LOL might be a little shocking.

I guess I better get back to work putting things away in the sewing room. Hope you have a great day.

Little bag

I started playing with all the fabric I got the other day and have made this little Messenger Bag. I think I will keep making them for the fall sales. I added a little bling to add a little sparkle to the horses.

This evening I will be working on some travel games for kids to play in the car. We will see how it turns out.

The weather is getting hot here, but more humid so this Grandma is NOT getting out side if I can help it. That means inside projects and one I have been putting off is painting the inside of the house. It has been a long time since I painted and the grandkids tease me because the last time I painted we had a HUGE, and HEAVY Entertainment Center so I painted what I could reach. Now with a smaller entertainment center and bigger TV you can see where I didn’t paint if you look behind the tv. Just trying to pick colors. May be time to make up my mind. We will see what I decide.

Stay cool, (or warm) and enjoy whatever you do,.

A Little Change In Needle Types

Instead of talking about sewing we are changing our needles to Crocheting.

Below is a patterns by Alicia I hope you enjoy it.

Infinity Scarf

Infinity Shell

By Alicia Hill

Stitches to know

Slip stitch

DC-double crochet

Sc- single crochet

Shell -5dc in same stitch

Sm V- sc, ch2, sc in same stitch

The above infinity scarf was used with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This yarn and an “I” hook. I can comfortably wrap this around my neck twice.

Ch 155, join to the first chain being careful not to twist.

Rnd 1- Ch 3 (this counts as first DC), 4dc in same stitch, skip next 3 chains, Sm V (sc, ch2 sc in same stitch), skip next 3 chains, *shell (5 dc in same stitch), skip next 3 chains, Sm V, skip next 3 chains, * repeat *to *. Join with slip stitch to top of starting chain 3.

Rnd 2-Slip stitch in next 2 dc. Chain 3 (this counts as sc, ch 3 of sm v) sc in same stitch, *Shell in chain 2 of previous sm V, Sm V in 3rd dc of previous shell*. Repeat from * to *. Join with slipstitch in ch2.

Rnd 3- Chain 3, 4dc in same stitch, Sm V in 3rd dc of previous shell, *Shell in ch 2 space, Sm v in 3rd dc of previous shell *. Repeat from *to *. Join with slip stitch to top of chain 3.

Rnd 4, repeat rows 2 & 3 to desired width.

*feel free to make and you wish, however I would appreciate it if I was given the credit for having written the pattern.

A Surprising Day

Woke up this morning and on the road by 7am. We drove about 215 miles to Hannibal, MO. From there we drove MO HWY 36 Quilt Shop. 11 hours and many shops later we pulled back into the drive way. We are planning on finishing it up Friday.

We made it thru the last 8 shops. Only 2 weren’t available. We even drove down gravel roads to someone’s house, thru small towns where the population was only 300. Another shop was in the building in a lady’s backyard, next to her hair salon. Door was open and we started looking around and no one was there. Building was empty, so we left without fabric. The 2nd shop we didn’t buy from was closed. Not too bad.One of my favorite shops was in Hannibal, the Hickory Stick Quilt Shop. My reason was she had something made out of most of her fabric so you could see them sewn into something. This is what I bought there.

Aren’t they so cute?

Another favorite is Sew Creative. She had such a wonderful supply different and unusual fabrics.

Now here is the rest of my finds.

Friday we start again in Chillicothe, MO and work our way to Independence, MO.

Tomorrow a trip to the zoo and the rest of the week sewing.

Stay safe out there.

What is on the sewing table now?

So glad you asked. I have finished my new wall hanging. I ordered a kit and have finished it. I also want to add a series of 4 smaller ones to go with it. The larger one is Titled “I’ll Never Desert You” from AQS.

The 4 smaller ones will be 4 different types of cacti in pots. Here are 2 of my littler wall hangings,

Need to quilt and add the embellishments. Some embroidery, and beads. The other 2 are still being drawn and then will applique them in place. Really excited about these. My drapes are the muted South West colors.

With this virus there will be no craft fairs this summer, or at least not in June or July. This means more time for me to sew for me and even work on some Christmas making.

I need to start thinking about what I want to do for whom.

Take care and be safe.

The Last and more important of our Group

This Last person is Gary, my hubby. Gary does woodworking. He is so patient and particular with his wood working. He are some of his work over the years.

This is just a little of what he has made. Now one thing we do is give our kids a little cash for Christmas and Gary came up with the idea of puzzle boxes to put the money in. They loved these, not sure if he will be making any more, may take some talking into, he has tremors and makes it hard to work with little pieces. We will have to see.

Member numbers 3 & 4 are our son and daughter in law

Jim and Ashley are more members of our group. Jim is our Muscle and at some times feels like our protector. Jim does some wood working and spends the majority of his time with Martial Arts. He started taking Martial Arts when he was in Elementary School. He is now in his Mid 30’s and I have lost track of all his belt rankings. He teaches Okinawa Kempo and Weapons a few days a week. He loves it and we still love watching him. Ashley works with making wonderful signs for the house inside and out.

This is one of Jim’s intarsia projects I love it

These are some of Ashley’s signs. They both do such great work.

I know I have introduced the families of the girls and so I would like to introduce you to Jethro. Jethro is not quite 2 yrs old and is a bundle of fun.

Image may contain: James Gross, outdoor

This is Jim and Jethro on the left when they got him he was about 8 months old and now almost 2 on the right. He loves giving hugs and knock Grandma and Destiny down when he starts playing.

Image may contain: one or more people

Ashley is usually the picture taker.

As a boy Jim was quiet and very serious. Ashley has really brought him out of his shell. Now he loves practical jokes and the 2 of them are a dangerous duo, but love them both.

One more to go tomorrow.

Another Member

Today I am introducing Mary Schulz. She is my second born. Mary has 3 beautiful girls. Katelin is our resident resign expert. Katelin now lives about 3 hours from us and has been accepted as a Correctional Officer at the Prision.Then there is Alexis who along with her Aunt Alicia has a green thumb. I don’t think there is a plant that she can’t grow. Alexis is still at home and working full time and rescues animals. She and Katelin love drawing. Then we have Destiny. Well what to say about her…..she is good at enjoying life.

Katelin is on the left and Alexis is on the right, Their half brother is in the middle

Mary and Destiny

Mary is a single mom of 3 and keeps us supplied with soaps, scrubs, and supplied with healthy alternative to some drugs. She knows her Essential Oils and always has some mixtures for something. She has started making jewelry that you can infuse with different oils. I guess this is why she can handle 10-12hour days 6 days a week at the Post Office. When her dad had his lung surgery she brought over oils to put in a diffuser to keep him from getting sick while healing.

lockets for essential oils

Mary crochets, knits, and likes making T shirts with funny sayings on them.

Keep going Mary.

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