Bunka Embroidery vs Needlepunch Embroidery

So far there are only a few differences between the two.  I am learning a lot and this is a fun process.  I decided instead of having 2 punches going at the same time I would work on the same design with both techniques.  Differences so far….  Threads. The Bunka thread is a stretchy thread that is woven together and you have to gently pull … Continue reading Bunka Embroidery vs Needlepunch Embroidery


Made a few pillows and have gotten several more cut out.  I have an embroidery machine, so I purchased some designs from Urban Thread and I love these worked up.  I put them on a few pillows and need to finish up the set.  I have a few more that are Christmas designs and one more of the Animals.  Those will be made this weekend.  I … Continue reading Pillows

Right now it is a balmy 18 degrees and by noon it will be a scorching 25.  Guess I will have to get out in the weather and get groceries sometime today as the next week will be colder.  But this morning brings quilting a quilt for Vicki, my sister in law.  She has hinted at wanting a quilt in the past and at Thanksgiving … Continue reading