New craft ideas

With our biggest craft fair closing in on us we have been busy making new items and some we have improved on. I have been showing you the pillows and aprons and misc. things I have made.  Alicia has been working on sock dolls and they are so cute.

IMG_20161025_071414.jpg We also have been making fall pumpkins.  Granddaughter, Cc, made necklaces. They are made out of little bottles filled with glitter.  She calls these “Fairy Dust Necklaces.”  These are made in memory of a story her mother told her and her sister, Emily.  When the girls were little and couldn’t go to sleep, Alicia would pretend to sprinkle “Magic Sleep dust” over them and within minutes they would be asleep.  She did nothing more than rub her fingers together over their eyes and pretend she was sprinkling something over them.  Now the necklaces.  I think the story sells the necklaces.  Such a great family.

Tomorrow brings a trip to Hamilton, MO., the home of Missouri Star Quilts.  My sister and her hubby are coming for the day so we will be taking a road trip.  It will be fun looking at stores of fabric, sewing things, and even a few antique stores.  Hopefully will have some pictures to share tomorrow.