Jethro’s last day with us….

Morning started early with Jethro and I going to Weight Watchers(I know that isn’t what they go by anymore) and all went well till we tried to get in the car. This dog did NOT want to leave. It is 6am and I am trying with all my might trying to get this dog into the back seat of the SUV. He is saying NO WAY! He is an easy 130 lbs. So I got into the backseat and tried to pull him in. He says NOPE. I had the bright idea of mints. I got the box of my mints and put one on the seat close to him. He ate it. So I did again making it a little farther and again he stretched to get it but will not get in. I put more mints a little farther in the car and when he put his front paws to get in I closed the door and ran to the other side. Once there I put my shoulder against his butt and pushed until he got in. Then I got to laughing at the site I probably was. Here I am a Grandma trying to get a dog into a car at 6 am in a dark parking lot with no one around.

That was enough excitement for today. We spent the rest of the day sewing and him napping. Our son and daughter in law made it home from their trip and guess what? Jethro was having so much fun with us he would not get into Jim and Ashley’s car. Grand parents are the most fun.

Tomorrow I will be starting to make some Christmas gifts. I will post some of the directions for these things. Here is what I was working on today.

This started out to be a table runner, but as I was playing around this turned out to better than I wanted. All it is is 6.5 inch strips cut into 60 degree triangles. Will fit on my table for Christmas until I put the leaves in the table.

Everyone have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

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