Good stuff Monday

If you are in a place where you can watch the eclipse, hope you have a safe way of seeing it.  I think the Good Lord is teasing Kansas City, MO. Skies are cloudy and has been raining to beat the band.  We do have a few hours yet for things to clear up.

Been busy using up some scraps and here is the pillow to go with my Migrating Geese Gone Green.IMG_20170821_072629660.jpg

Then I purchased some new designs from Urban Threads and am trying them out.  Here is one completed.  I will make a pillow out of this one for a Granddaughter who would love to have a wolf as a pet.  IMG_20170821_105059651.jpg

I decided to wait for the rain to pass before doing any more.  Lost power a few times and the Embroidery doesn’t like that.  So what to do with the time in the power outage?  Start getting ingredients ready for Zucchini bread. Bread baked and on the cooling racks.  Then they will be ready to wrap up and freeze.  All came out beautifully except the last one.  That one we will have to eat.IMG_20170821_112130376.jpgI think you can tell which one we will eat today.

Sun looks like it may trying to come out and that will be wonderful.  What do you do on a rainy day?  If we keep power I will stitch out more designs.  Maybe a good mystery if it rains more.  What ever you do have a great time doing it. Happy Day.



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