Good Morning Blogging Friends.

Was a little grumpy yesterday, so decided to keep to myself.  Wonders what a full night’s sleep will do for a person.  I hope everyone’s perking along fine and getting your projects all running smoothly.

I have been working on art portfolio’s for some of the local artist.  I am enjoying it, but looking forward to working on another quilt.  I guess doing what you need to makes doing what you want even better.

Today is a morning to wash curtains and work on getting the dust from the unseen corners.  I will leave you a few pictures.  Sunrise on a cold cloudy day at the Grand Canyon.  We even caught a picture of a rainbow over the canyon.img_3198img_3202IMG_3246.JPGIMG_3265.JPGimg_3203img_3208img_3242img_3243img_3244