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A week of hodgepodge

This week I have been sewing and am in the process of remaking a friend’s Mother’s favorite clothes into pillows and quilts for her Grandchildren. Sometimes just having these memores close at hand are comfortating.

I am going to be re organizing my sewing room as Daughter #2 got a sewing machine and came to my house to shop for some fabric. That means I need to take stock of what I need to replace or if I want to replace what she took. Pretty happy that all the adult females in the family are finding sewing. Not sure if they all like it, but are enjoying all that they do.

Next Friday we are all planning on getting together and work on things for the up coming Craft shows. This will be a fun evening.

I have had a loittle helper this week and the thought of what to do led me to clean some scraps. In doing this Destiny started playing with my fabric shapes and came up with a pattern she liked so we spent 2 days sewing them together and making her own baby doll blanket with a soft soft back.

A finished product we so like

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4 Days No Television

We have been out of television since Saturday. With the snow storm last weekend the Dish on the house got covered and we have no telelvision. To clean if off will take putting a 12 ft extension ladder up in the snow and get on the roof to clean it. I have a fear of heights and the cold is too hard on Gary’s lungs. Today the snow has started melting so now TV. I have gotten quite a lot of sewing done and that is what I love. My biggest struggle was making a 5 inch quilt. I’ve never done that before and it was only 1 block but still I am excited. It did take a little more math than what I normally do on most days since retirement. We have another storm coming tomorrow and then this weekend so again here we will be ready for no more TV. here is what I have done.

My mini quilt rack and is too big. Back to the math work.

Need to finish the hand work on the table runner and placemats.

Bowl cozies, placemats, and napkins

Have made a total of 26 bowl cozies now.

And Last but not least, have sandwiched my quilt and now to plan on how I a going to quilt it.

Stay warm and be safe.

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Beautiful Snowy Day

Between Friday and Saturday we got about 11 inches of snow. Looking out my sewing room window it is beautiful.

I hate our new windows for taking photos out of them. The screen gets in the way and the double panes have a tint to them. I love them for the warmth and blocking some of the heat from the sun.

The worst we had was no tv and hubby was getting upset because he couldn’t watch the football game(KC Chiefs vs the Colts). After some looking we found it on the computer and he was happy. Happy they won.

I gave my computer and sewing machine a work out. Today we are staying in and it will be another sew day.

My poor Yucca is covered.

Have a warm day and enjoy it.

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Snowy Day

Got up extra early this morning to wait for Destiny, but got a call saying Mary can’t get out of her driveway. Snowed in. This is a few photos I took outside my front door at 3:30am in Missouri.

It is my favorite time to be in the snow. All you hear is the sound of the tree branches as they creak under the weight of the heavy wet snow. I am saying a prayer the power lines can hold the wet snow clining to them.

Last night Hubby and I put a jigsaw puzzle together as the TV went out. We have Dish TV and the dish sits on my roof and is covered in snow. That is ok I have my radio on and am listening to music right now. As I am writing I know all is right in my part of the world. Today is the perfect day for working on sandwiching and quilting a quilt. This is what I will be doing today. Infact this is a good time to start the process.

For everyone out there be careful as you enjoy your day.

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In the last month I have seen 3 Drs for my headaches. The last one was a Neurologist and said they are tension and sent me to a physical therapist. She told me that I am stressing out my neck causing tension and whe I am sewing I shouldn’t be looking down and at an angle while quilting. I need to sit lower so I am looking even with the stitching while sitting up straight. Let me ask you all out there. While working at your machine are you sitting higher and looking down at your work or are you sitting lower so you look even with the stitching? I feel like Lilly Tomlin in the big rocking chair.

I am going to try this tomorrow and see how it goes. I am 5 ft and in the mornings 5’1″ so sitting so my feet are flat on the floor is strange.

I will stop the complaining and do some hand work while I am watching TV with Hubby for a while.

Tomorrow we are getting rain and snow. Depending on which channel I listen to it could be anywhere from a dusting to 4 inches. This means I will be doing a lot of sitting at the window. It will continue into Saturday and the Poor Football Players will be playing in the snow. Hope they are ready.

Have a fun evening and talk to you tomorrow.

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My sewing buddy

I hear people talking about their quilting with friends or family. I have been thinking how that may be nice. Well today I got one. Granddaughter number 5, otherwise known as Destiny, was here and was playing in the buttons and coins in a can I have. I got some odds and ends of fabric left over from previous quilts to sort thru. She started making shapes with the triangles. With that we said we sat at the sewing machine and she learned how to put blocks together.

She made 14 blocks. After each block was completed she had to go show her “Pops”. I will press and trim up these blocks and cut fabric for more blocks and maybe we will get her Baby’s blanket completed.

I think maybe next time a little older one will come to visit and quilt. This was a fun way to spend the day. Last week it was baking. This week sewing. Keeping up with a 4yr old is a workout for this Grandma, but she sure keeps me young.

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First week of lists

Tomorrow will mark the first week of working off lists and has had me accomplish more than I thought. This has been great. My list last week had 6 items on it and so then next list will have 9 items. We will see how this goes in a month. Will I be this excited or will I be blowing it off. Time will tell.

To go along with the lists Monique Hamelinck Adams of Farmhouse Quilts, organized her FB group to join her and the American Patchwork & Quilting’s UFO Challenge. I have 1 item finished from 2018 and almost finished an new project.

Here is my list of UFOs.

Do you have some sort of changes you want to make for 2019? Any resolutions? My lists are my resolutions. I will give monthly updates. Hope you have a wonderful day.