When is a scrap quilt not a scrap quilt?

Last night at Quilt Guild we had Kathy Delaney as a guest speaker and she asked this question. “When is a scrap quilt not a scrap quilt? I always thought a “scrap quilt” was when you used only your scraps. You know in Split Rail quilts or Log Cabins and so on. She explained toContinue reading “When is a scrap quilt not a scrap quilt?”

A Little Snow AND A Little Frustration

Was working on a small quilt and getting to the part of almost finished and noticed some how there is GREASE on the top. I treated it, washed it, and it is still there so I guess I will try and save what I can and remake it. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This weekend Mother Nature will beContinue reading “A Little Snow AND A Little Frustration”