Blizzard Warnings

Looking outside you know the weather isn’t going to be good today. Weatherman is calling for snow. Yesterday was 60 degrees and now today it is windy and 40. We’re under Winter Blizzard Warnings today. Snow will be here soon. Churches are starting to cancel afternoon and evening services. North Missouri is getting 6-12 inches of snow. We’re getting between 4-7 inches unless we get thunder snow. Then add 2 more inches. This tells me today will be a day of quilting, and wrapping packages. Maybe even a loaf of fresh bread or two.  We should have bought that Snowblower.   I love watching it snow.  It is so peaceful.

I will get my bread rising in a few minutes, and maybe finish the wall hanging this afternoon.  Tonight I will watch Outlander with hubby wrapping Christmas gifts.  I have a few more to finish making for everyone.

I love making things to give away.  When the older grandchildren were smaller I made the males sleep pants, and the females PJ’s.  Each family matched.  As the kids got older they didn’t want that anymore so it has been fun trying to figure out what the kids want.

The temperature outside has dropped 10 degrees since I started this blog.  I am going to say good by for now and settle in to bread making and sewing.  Stay safe out there.