Need New Motivation

I have finished all my unfinished projects and am wanting to start something new.  I know I have gotten into a rut and now is the time for me to jump in and try something new.  The only applique quilt I’ve done is the Sunbonnet Sue too many years ago.  I am now looking thru … More Need New Motivation

Sentimental Journey

Today as I get ready to sandwich a quilt to do the quilting on my split rail quilt the tv is going on and I realized I am tired of all the negative we are hearing.  The bickering you have on the political scene.  I have noticed the commercials for people running for office aren’t … More Sentimental Journey

Wonderful Monday

Saturday we had a great fair, until the thunder storm came thru.  We loaded things up and got home in time for the heaviest part of the rain to pass.  Alicia sold 3 of her baby dolls and is now making more. She also had a Black Panther one that went quickly.  Her girls tease … More Wonderful Monday

Happy Tuesday

Last night I went to my Quilt Guild meeting and enjoyed it so much.  Our guest speaker was Erla from GE Designs.  She made some of the most amazing quilts with 2.5 strips.  She calls it “Stripology”. You can find her on, or  I wanted to purchase a pattern of hers and her … More Happy Tuesday

Yard walking

This morning I took a walk around the yard to see what needs to be done outside.  This will be a short read and lots of photos.  These are from my yard.Enjoy your day.  Remember to take time to smell the roses.

Beautiful day

Today brings a cool morning and sunshine.  My Hostas and Bachelor Buttons are all in bloom.  The Hummingbirds are swarming around the Honeysuckle.  Will be a beautiful day for sure. We are dog sitting for Alicia since she is camping this weekend.  It has been nice having a dog in the house again, but I … More Beautiful day