I normally sew every day, but due to life, eye issues, and working on genealogy I haven’t hardly touched the machine.  With this happening I look at the computer and think, “What to blog about?”  I was brain dead  This morning after a little while of sewing it has opened the mind and I have all kinds of things to make or do.  Crazy how … Continue reading

Have you ever been asked to finish something?

I was given some fabric and there were 2 unfinished quilts and the person who gave it to me asked me to finish the 2 quilts.  One was a baby quilt and only needed a binding.  The other was stacks of 4 inch squares (cut by hand).  The squares were shades of purple and there was no pattern.  Judy told me her mother who is … Continue reading Have you ever been asked to finish something?

Quilting questions I never thought about.

This last week a question was posted on Friends of Farmhouse Quilts about rulers and their accuracy among different brands. This jarred the memory to a mini workshop I attended last year at our quilt guild. Quilting 101. Now I will start out saying I am a self taught quilter.  I started out at the age of 8 or 9 learning to sew from my … Continue reading Quilting questions I never thought about.

Last Friday of January

Since this is the last Friday of January I looked back to see if I have reached my goals. Quilting goals….yes all previous projects completed and New projects either started or ideas written down to be able to follow thru. Personal goals…not totally. More exercise check, weight goals not there, but still working. Healthier me… check.  Off blood pressure meds. All in all January has … Continue reading Last Friday of January