We are a mulit-generational family of crafters.  When this blog was started there were 4 living generations and sadly we are 3 generations. Hubby and Son enjoy woodworking. Jim, our son also enjoys Martial Arts and has for many years. Ashley, Jim’s wife, is an awesome photographer. She also enjoys planning events.  Alicia, oldest child loves to crochet, sew, and anything in crafting. Mary, 2nd daughter crochets and knows almost anything about natural oils and their benefits.  We are blessed with 5 granddaughters and a grandson.  Jacob is an amazing chef, Cecilia, photography and arranging displays are her thing.  She sets up our craft booth and organizes our displays.  Emily, is the go to about make up and is into the back stage of drama. Katelin is our tech go to, Alexis is our resident artist, in fact one of her drawings is in the process of being a wall hanging.  Destiny, at this point is our Play Dough queen(she is only 3).  As you see we all have something wonderful to bring to our Creative Family.


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