What were you doing a year ago?

One year ago we were planning on going to Washington DC to see the blooming of the Cherry trees. We would drive from Missouri to Washington DC with stops along the way. In 2017 we went to the New England States and stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial it was so very emotional to read of the heroic actions of the passengers on this flight. To know you will not see family and loved ones and still try and take charge of an airplane from terrorist who wanted to destroy the Pentagon. The memorial was still finishing up some additions and we wanted to see those this trip.

This is the beginning of the end of flight 93. Should you get to Pennsylvania see this.

While in Pennsylvania we did visit Gettysburg….WOW the history.

Just imagine the battles fought through out this area and town.

The history of the United States has been full of strife and struggles, but has survived. I guess this has reminded that the battle over this virus will make all of us stronger and will start appreciating what we have more. As far as our trip to Washington DC, I guess we will plan that for anther day. We will sit and looks at the travels photos of our previous trips. We have truly been blessed so far.

Have a great day and stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “What were you doing a year ago?

  1. I first saw Gettysburg as a child and didn’t understand much, but in 2005, I went back with my best friend, and wow. The monuments are so impressive. My favorite was an angel holding a fallen soldier across her lap. It was so poignant. I hope that by next year, your family can take the trip to D. C. for the cherry blossoms. We lived there when I was 12, and it was an awesome sight! I’d love to see it again, though the capital is a different place now. Maybe the blossoms will bring people peace, if they stop to think why we have them.


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