Think I am safer quilting and a little round

yuu have to come up. Tuesday we decided to walk a more flat area which is down one of the ways into the neighborhood. No sidewalks so as we were walking on the road when a car came we walked in the grass so not a problem. We had gone about a mile and this is when a car came towards us, we moved over and the car kept coming very close to us and when I moved over again I fell into a ditch. Took me a few minutes to pick myself up and we hobbled home. The ankle was swollen and very painful. Now we had joined 2 gyms, not one but 2 Tuesday morning. Our insurance pays for it so we joined the city gym and then Planet Fitness for when the city gym was full.

We had to get Granddaughter from school so we went from her school to the Emergency Room. While I was getting xrays Destiny kept Grandpa busy with “I spy” and little games on my phone. When I got back to the car she informed me not to worry she made sure Grandpa took his blood sugars and had dinner.

The outcome of the foot is I chipped a bone in the ankle. I have a splint and crutches. I see my Orthopedic tomorrow to see what he says.

Now I have done summersaults with granddaughter, jumped around like a kangaroo(she is 6 and I am 67) not a scratch. Just walking fall in a ditch and chip a bone.

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Seriously after the Orthopedic tomorrow we will know what I can do and can’t do. My older granddaughters have offered to come clean, cook, or do laundry for me because “Grandpa can’t”. I love those girls to the moon and back.

Have a great day and in the words of hubby “Be Careful”

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5 thoughts on “Think I am safer quilting and a little round

  1. I’d break every ankle for that kind of help. 🙂 It wasn’t just walking you were doing. You were actually distracted by a driver aiming for you. I’d have been distracted as well. A broken ankle is extremely painful and takes a while to heal. Hope you heal quicker.


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