I can tell this is October

This has been a month from Hell. The last 16 days have been busy and very stressful. Fainally got the driveway, porch, and patio poured and the side gate put back on.

Before. The reason for new driveway

After Love it.

The patio.

Next was fresh seed went down and watering twice a day for the next 3 weeks.

Dishwasher went out and after looking for a new one we’ve decided to wait to see if we can get parts for this one (only 2 yrs old and the motor is frozen) . Right now they have been on back order since March. Went to about 7 places looking at dishwashers and were told the same. We have only 1 out of 8 in stock and will be at least 3-4 weeks before we can get it installed. Washing dishes the old fashioned way, by hand.

Granddaughter and her boyfriend have had Covid, Patrick (her boyfriend) still has it, but getting better.

And this was in the first half of the month. The rest can only get better. Right? Right.

I am looking forward to Spring so I can put a flower bed in next to the patio. Speaking of the patio, as you can see lots of dirt.Today I had watered the yard and went out back to move the sprinkler. I had my Birkenstock sandals on and when I started walking into the mud, not thinking, I sunk into it and walked right out of my sandals. Trying to pull them out of the mud, I slipped and fell on my bottom. I looked to make sure the neighbors were not outside. Hubby was laughing so hard he could not catch his breath. Yes, he had been watching from the kitchen window. Thinking back on it, I would have laughed just as hard if it had been him. They say mud is good for the skin.

Tomorrow I will end the watering in the muddiest area so the sprinkler can stay there til it dries.

Tomorrow we are going to get some solar lights for around the patio area. They are on sale. I hope you can find something to laught at, makes life so much less stressful.

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