We should have gone on vacation!

With this virus crud going on we had to cancel or vacation plans to Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossom and the sites. So we changed plans to Yellowstone, no they were closed. So we decided to do some repairs around the house. Put that money into things we’ve been putting off. Soounds good right? Well sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and hang on.

April 2020

Had an Air Conditioner company out to do yearly maintance to get ready for the summer and the man told us that the breaker system for the electric was outdated and illegal. The house was built in the 50’s and hadn’t been up dated so we said gotta be done either now or later so why not now. The work was done, we were out of electricty for a total of 2 days , not bad. We needed to call the city to bury the lines (city is going to this). We called April (twice) May called weekly June city came out and were pretty snotty because we were cheating the city. The meter was reinstalled backwards and we were stealing electricity. Their inspector came out and checked things up. They finally came out in July to bury the cable. The long wait due to Covid. These men never came in the house, didn’t even come to the door. OH well.

June letter from IRS wanting us to pay them for the work we had moving the washer and dryer up to the basement and getting a dishwasher installed. The company we had hadn’t paid taxes in years. We had to prove to the IRS we had paid for the work.

While the house was being rewired we found out the dishwasher was not wired in right, so we had to have the electric redone for that.

This month the ice maker went out and we had an appliance repair company come out to fix it and told us the issue was the plumbing. He doesn’t do plumbing. Called the plumber out and while he was fixing the pipes he noticed the dishwasher was hooked up to the cold water instead of hot water. Nice. He fixed it.

This brings us to Saturday. We scheduled to have a new driveway (from single drive to double), porch and patio repoured.


Waiting for the concrete trucks

The patio waiting. The light brown is where the city dug to bury the line. The dark is fresh dirt from the patio and will be spread thru out the yard where there is still a trench from the city.

Now Sunday, I spent baking and when tried to run the dishwasher it wouldn’t work. Filled and Drained, but not run. This morning I called the appliance repair and they asked questions and then said it was the main wash motor and would be cheaper to purchase an new one. This will wait till sometime next week and the driveway is now full of rebar and not drivable for the delivery truck and no steps to walk up.

So now I ask, should we have taken a vacation instead?

You gotta laugh thru all this. Hubby said no more house repairs. Hopefully the last few months of the year will be better.

Find something to laugh at and enjoy your days.

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