Do you believe with age comes wisdom?

If this question you would answer yes, I think we proved this debatable. We ordered 1/2 a calf from my sister in Texas. We got word that it was ready and as hubby and I are 70 and 66 we watch were we go and what we do as he is a prime canidate for this virus, we didn’t want to get sick or not knowingly give it to a sibling we decided a non visiting trip. We had a short time span due to babysitting and Dr visits we forgot our age and left KC MO at 2:30 pm drove 16ish hours to Port O’Connor, TX. We stopped for gas, food, and a couple times at Buckees. (I will explain what Buckees is in a few). When we got to my sister’s there was no hugging and we kept our 6 ft distance, visited for about 30 min. Loaded the car and headed out. Coming home took a little longer due to rush hour traffic. We pulled into the drive about 11:30pm. Gary drove all but about 2-3 hours so he could grab a quick nap.

Unloaded the car and too wide awake to sleep. Finally got to sleep about 3am and the phone rings at 8am so up I get. I made a list of all the beef we got and being on the coast we got shrimp also. After getting the freezer set up I put shrimp in bags of about 1 lb and sealed the bags. Picked up granddaughter from school at 4pm. 2 other granddaughters came over and we had a great visit till about 10:30 then they left. Destiny and I had our sleep over and got up at 6am to prepare for a garage sale.

I doubt we will ever do this again. Wed -Sat evening only about 12 hours sleep. It took this old body 2 plus days to recoop. We are loosing some of our “wisdom” as we get older.

Now what is Buckees????????

Buckees is a convience store in Texas. some are just the average size and some are a little bigger. Now when I say a little bigger, you ever hear “Everything is bigger in Texas”? Well the largest stores are like a Walmart on steroids.

Gas stations on steroids: Welcome to Buc-ee's

The two rows of roofs on the left are the gas pumps the one on the right is the building.

The nexr few photos are of the store. Lots of fun wandering thru.

Only on News 5: First look inside Buc-ee's new Baldwin County store
The Texans are coming: Why you should be excited for Buc-ee's and Alamo  Drafthouse - Atlanta Magazine
Buc-ee's opening Wednesday | News |

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4 thoughts on “Do you believe with age comes wisdom?

    1. Ohhhh yes it does. This virus has hit everyone hard. My sister and her family are cattle ranchers and the big companies closing like they had to cost cattle and farmers big time. They have started paying for the butchers and selling on their own. A Rib eye steak in the store is $15 a pound, we paid 6 a pound. Well worth the drive


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