What happens when you get too sure of yourself??????

You make a big and I do mean BIG goof. I was cutting 2 inch strips, got them done and sewed them together. 2 inches by WTF, 5 reds and 4 off white. I was doing fine and got too over confident with my measuring and cutting. The off white when opened out looked like a drunken line. I had 1 uneven fold and had to refold it and recut it. I had one piece 11×44 inches left over. Not bad. I had bought a little extra just in case and so all is good. NOT. The pattern says to cut an 11 inch square for the final block. I had cut that and something is off. All measures are as written, this time I have remeasured twice and all is good, except the 11 inch square. It is 1 inche off on top and bottom. So tomorrow I go back to the quilt shop and get some more of this fabric. It is Moda fabric ( I love Moda), but hope they have what I need. If not the hunt is on.

This is the big pile of “Oh Crud What to do with this.

Next is what the finished product should look like, minus the right size off white block in the top left corner.

Now for the up close of the worrisome area.

Now for a little funny that happened yesterday. I had a day planned since it was our 48th Anniversary. I should know not to plan for anything in our family, never goes as planned. Our middle child come over with her youngest(Destiny). She wanted to know if we wanted to go to the Apple Orchard. So I went and while we were in the area we stopped at Missouri River boat ramp a few miles from the orchard. I talked Destiny to walk to the edge and see the river. She would only go when Mom said she would go too. She was scared of the “Laguana” that lives in rivers. No not alligators, not not crocks, not not fish a Laguana. By now she is really frustrated and mad with us. We finally found out she had seen a Youtube video someplace where an Iguanna came out of the water. It took some conviencing for her to believe some us that Iguannas don’t live in the water.

Mom was trying so hard not to laugh while she was upset.

All in all a good Anniversary, when we got home hubby had ordered Pizza from the same place we had 48 yrs ago.

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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

9 thoughts on “What happens when you get too sure of yourself??????

  1. Those strips could be cut and pieced back together to make a lovely checkerboard. Or you could add some blue/cream strips (wouldn’t have to match) and make a coordinating mini quilt, pillowcover, or table runner. And so much of the needed work is already done.


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