First Attempts at a Scrappy Quilt

As my scraps have been growing so much lately I decided to attempt my first scrappy quilt. So I started sewing lots of 2 3/4 inch squares together. While doing this I came across some larger pieces and so the center is a pinwheel and am working my way out.

After looking at it this morning I don’t like it. I think I will take it apart and put a narrow border before the squares. When making a scrappy quilt do you plan out what it will look like before you start and the only thing scrappy is the fabric choice? I am thinking now since the pinwheel and more smaller pinwheels to come doing a primitive pinwheel instead of the squares. This would keep the motion flowing. In theory. Any suggestions and comments (positive or negative) welcome. I do need advice.

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10 thoughts on “First Attempts at a Scrappy Quilt

  1. When I make a scrappy quilt I’ve learned not to stop or evaluate it because then I start second guessing myself. I would recommend to keep pushing through – I have always loved the final outcome of my scrappy quilts but have doubted it during the process. If your mind needs some ‘order’ try grouping like colors together. I’ve sorted my scraps into color bins making it easier to work with the same color scheme.


  2. I don’t plan what it will look like, specifically. I don’t stop and evaluate after one block. It’s often the interaction of blocks that makes the quilt. I think putting a border in there will be good. I think I might have made a smaller center, but I also think it looks fine the way it is. I know many people do color-think about their designs. It’s still scrappy even if you use only certain colorways in a quilt. I rarely do that, but I like the results when people do. Check out Wedding Dress Blue. Deanna is a master at the colorways.


  3. Oh scrappy quilts are tough for some of us. My idea of what to do with scraps is to give them to someone who likes them! Sorry, I am no help other than to say that some of us just don’t have “scrappy” in our DNA. Good luck!


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