Wednesday Wanderings

Today was a day to finish our Missouri Hwy 36 Quilt Trail. It goes from one border of Missouri to the other(Kansas on the west and Illinois on the east). We broke it up into 2 days. The first of June we drove 209 miles to Hannibal and then worked our way home. We made it thru 6 shops the first trip. Some of the shops were in the cutest towns. These were in people’s barns or sheds. These the towns had populations of 200-300 people. We thought these were going to be the smallest.

This morning we drove to 95 miles to pick up where we left off. The 2nd stop today took us to Jamesport, MO. The whole town is Amish and was amazing. On the way into town we stopped at 2 Amish fabric stores and were amazed with the beautiful quilts they had for sale. If anyone is interested the 2nd Saturday in October is the Annual Amish Quilt Auction. People from many states and Canada send their quilts, wall hangings, & quilt tops to be sold on consignment. The Amish also sell their quilts here.

From here is where things started getting interesting. The GPS took us from the highway to Farm Routes, then to County roads, to gravel roads.

This road was what we drove on for 3 miles. The shop was so worth it. The shop was a large barn with the shop was in the right side of the barn and then over the garage part of the barn. Walking inside it looked like a large log cabin with a loft inside. We asked where the next shop was not wanting to go 3 miles on the gravel road again. Directions we got were so funny. “Leave here turn right, then go over the bridge and turn right on the black top road(no name) go down that road over 3 little bridges to Avenue City. You will know it is Avenue City when you see the school and gas station, that is the city, then turn right and you will see a big sign with the shop’s name on it. About 8 minutes from here.” We exchanged a 2 lane gravel road to a 1 lane gravel road. We had to pull over for farm equipment to come by. Then we saw the sign, pulled into the drive and there was a Trailor house. We didn’t know if it was a home or shop. It was the shop and cute inside.

We left this morning at 8:30 am and got home at 6pm. Was fun and met some of the most wonderful people around. The smallest towns had the cutest shops. I have marked the ones I want to go back to. We visited 8 shops and didn’t see the same fabric in them over and over.

This was a quilting trip highlighting the smaller less know shops. Find those shops in your areas and support them.

Just remember these few things: 1. Pack a lunch and drinks (we were on the less traveled road and found a sandwich at a gas station to share for lunch. They only had 1. 2. Full tank of gas, 3. Either new or good tires to handle the gravel and things you may have to drive over.

Once we got on the Highway heading home we found truck stops and got gas. Enjoyed the 2 days.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings

  1. That sounds like so much fun! It’s like that going back through Amish country in Pennsylvania, and it’s like that in Montana, too. My husband drove us and our 5th wheel down a long dirt road about 3 miles to get to a quilt shop in a red barn. It was fabulous!


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