Self Isolation

This week our area has been staying home more and have finally gotten into the routine of not going to exercise, run to this store or going anywhere. My Quild has started making masks for 2 of the hospitals here, but my problem is my stack is disappearing. Granddaughter is still working so 6 found new homes for her and her shift. Oldest daughter’s best friend came by and took 3 as she is a dog walker. Daughter In Law took 2 for her and a friend for work. She works in offices in a hospital.

I decided I could whip out so many every day and life is good. WELLLLLLLLLL we noticed that we were having power surges and called an electrician (he wanted one instead of his paper one) the city power and light company came out and he took 1 as they have nothing to protect them when working in the public. I don’t know how many are making it to the hospital but there is a big need for these. These are how many I have left after sewing all week.

I will keep making more daily.

Electricity surging. There is good news and bad news…..Good news the Good Lord is watching over us. Bad is the wiring in the house is old and outdated( just like me) and the breaker box is the same that was put into the house in the 1950’s which caused 1 in 5 house fires. So next week new wiring….I will have to dig out the hand sewing.

Today I am doing something fun. Around here parents and adults are walking their kids thru the neighborhood “Bear Hunting”. It is from a Children’s book. We have Teddy Bears in our windows and the kids hunt for them as they walk. I have a bear in 2 windows, and will put a few in our front swing, and in the front garden. I made the bears for a craft fair and that had to be cancelled due to the virus.

This is has been a potpourri of stuff today.

Be safe if you have to get out.

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4 thoughts on “Self Isolation

  1. It’s much slower here too, but we are still out and about for necessary errands. School is online through May 2 now, and public places are working on the physical distances requested by the governor. We are fortunate, still only 2 cases in a 150 mile radius around us, and the distance grows north and south….the benefits of having more cows than people per square mile! (The cows are not social distancing!) 😆


  2. I made a bunch of masks for family before I started on those for the nursing home. Sounds like yours have been popular! And so many people don’t sew, meaning they need help from us.


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