Needing Quilting advice.

This last few weeks has been crazy, but we have made it thru. I hate to admit it but I live my life thru lists, and calendars. I carry a calendar in my purse, on my phone, on my sewing table, and kitchen wall. With hubby’s Dr appointments, granddaughter sitting, her school days, and what I need to get done I have to have them. So far this week no Dr. and little else so I made my weekly to do list this morning and have put a bit of sewing time into each day. This weekend I started quilting this quilt and am loving the look so far.

For some reason I get at least one pucker on the back side I decided to spray baste, and pin it. Normally I would pin closer but thought with the spray I wouldn’t need to. Well I got my usual pucker. I ripped out what I did and re did it. No pucker. How do you keep from getting those nasty puckers in your quilts? I quilt on my sewing machine so there is something I am doing wrong and would love to find out what it is. Last night I was able to finish about 1/2 of it and so by this weekend I hope to get it finished.

Today I am making Peanut Brittle for the upcoming craft fair and if I can work it right tomorrow I will be able to work in the yard for a while. Today in the 30’s and tomorrow in the 60’s Spring is almost here. Not doing a lot outside till after Easter in case we get more cold weather. March has arrived mild so it may leave vicious.

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9 thoughts on “Needing Quilting advice.

  1. Pretty quilting. I quilt on my sewing machine, too, and I just spray baste. I occasionally get a tuck on the back, but not usually. I use 505 and after the quilt sandwich is all together, I make sure everything is smooth, then I press the front and back.


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