CRAZY Monday

Ever have one of those days where you think,”What the world were you thinking?” Today is that day. This morning the fog was so bad you couldn’t see 2 houses down the street, and cars driving down the highway without lights. It was 6:30am ?????????

Walked into the Post Office with a package and a lady customer asks, “Are you mailing that box”??????????Really???????

Then driving into our subdivision a truck lost control, took out a fence, and missed a house by a few feet. We had about 1/2 inch of ice and then 4 inches of snow over the weekend and things are slick and slushy. To drive down the main road in the subdivision it is down hill, and curves. On a good summer day I’ve seen cars driving too fast lose control. I am guessing the driver was not going the 25 mph. We’ve had issues with cars speeding thru. Really??????????? Drive weather conditions be careful.

Now sitting here looking out the window an SUV tried to stop in front of our house and ended up stopping facing sideways next door. I am going to stay home

My goal for this week is to finish the flamingo quilt. I got the top completed last night and so the quilting is next. I have been asked to make a wall hanging for the school I worked at in memory of one of the teacher who lost her battle to cancer. I am in the drawing stage of this and hope to have something final to start on by the weekend.

This is a follow up on my last post. I made a bag for my quilting rulers. I like making something out of my first attempts and then later remake the item to see if and where I’ve improved or have made some bad choices.

Front side,

Back side


Thank you for visiting and Be Careful out there. It IS CRAZY MONDAY.

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6 thoughts on “CRAZY Monday

  1. Okay, the word insanity came to mind for driving in your neighborhood! It’s still dark here at 6:30, and we’re mid-country.


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