Happy Sunday Morning

Fall is officially here and that mean that Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner. So while hubby is thinking of all the gifts we still need to get and things we need to do I am thinking of all I have to do between now and then. Today I will start out making cookies and finishing up with some peanutbrittle.

We will leave Missouri to go to Port O’Conner, Texas. It is a good 16-18 hour drive and we usually drive straight thru. Not sure if we will this time or not. No matter I plan on taking about 15 pounds of Peanutbrittle and lots of cookies. I will then leave with a cooler full of shrimp, and maybe some flounder.

I did find the Gas Station/Fabric shop that I was looking for. It is just a little South East of Amarillo, Texas.

Image may contain: indoor

Hubby says it is too far out of the way and since I want to spend as much time with my family as possible I have to give up something. So this shop is marked for another time.

Today I am starting the cookies out with these Chocolate Salted Caramel Tarts, except instead of cupcake size I will make them tart sized, just bite size.

I got this from Facebook it is originally from Sugarapron.com

I just think too rich for a whole cupcake.

Then a batch of chocolate chip cookies and maybe coconut squares and Lemon Squares then the candy.

Guess I’d better get the lead out and start moving. What are your favorite things for the Holiday Season? For me Nov 1st thru Jan 1st.

Be safe and enjyou

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3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Morning

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to the fabric shop. But now you know where it is at least. 😊 Those little tarts look delicious! I love sweet and salty paired with chocolate.


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