Monday Gift idea

I hate to throw things away if I can help it. So when Hubby’s jeans would wear out it was time for me to cut them up. I used the legs for bags, granddaughter’s pants when she was smaller, or cut in squares for quilting.

For this apron I chose to use the front of the jeans. I cut them off just above the crotch seam and then serged around the sides and bottom. I then added a ruffle, with the same fabric as the ruffle I made ties.

Yes I also used the back of the jeans for an apron also.

Here is what you will need:

1 pair of old jeans.

1 yd of fabric for ruffle, ties, and rag.

Cut the jeans down the side seams and just above the crotch seam on the front and back.

Cut 4 3 inch strips the WOF. Ruffle

Cut 2 3 inch strips the WOF for tie(may need more or less your choice)

Cut 2 squares from the left over fabric the size you chose.

Sew the ruffle pieces together to make on long strip. Sew a roll hem on the bottom of the ruffle then gather the top for the ruffle.

Serge or zigzag around the jeans to limit the raveling of the fabric.

Sew the ruffle onto the jeans

Sew a rolled hem on the top and bottom of the ties and put it thru the loops on the jeans so it ties in the back.

Sew a rolled hem around the edges of the square.

Put the square in a pocket to wipe your hands if you want.

I hope this makes sense and enjoy.

I love aprons and use them all the time.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Gift idea

  1. Ingenious – just got to get my husband to part with some of his old jeans and not keep wearing them for gardening or other ‘non-public’ appearances until they are too manky to repurpose into anything at all.


  2. I love your apron! I made one very similar a few weeks ago! Old jeans are great for using in all kinds of projects. I have a plastic tote full and hope to get a quilt made from them after the holidays.


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