Day 2 with Jethro

Good morning, today is picture perfect(just don’t open the door. feels like 32 degrees). Up at 6:30am with Jethro’s trip outside and then breakfast. Sounds good huh? It was. Then after my shower, we had issues keeping him out of the tub. He would go in and lick the inside of the tub, try and eat the soap, and if we close the door, he sits in front of it crying. Finally got him redirected. Now sleeping on the floor outside the sewing room and enjoying the day.

Yesterday evening I let him out and he sat on the patio barking at our neighbors. I went out to stop him and then he had to meet the neighbors. He won their hearts.

We learned that Jethro is a “people puppy”. It doesn’t matter who or what they are doing he just likes being in the room with you. He is happy laying on the floor where he can see you. I have learned that I keep a towel in every room to clean up the drool.

As bedtime came on he started getting his bed ready. He decided that last night his bed would be on the couch. Now our couch is a Queen size hide a bed. This unopened is just his size.

Dinner for him consisted of his dog food, 1/2 shredded chicken breast(boiled) and some broth. His bedtime snack was Greek yogurt with peanut butter. Then bedtime. I think Grandma and Grandpa will have him good and spoiled by time Jim and Ashley get home. We will see what today will bring.

In the sewing room I started on a table runner and didn’t like how the pattern was working so I am making changes and will see how it turns out. Will show it tomorrow.

Stay turned.

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