Fun week

I know I’m getting bad at writing these posts, but this week we have been having fun. We bought granddaughter her first “real bike”. We went to a garage sale in the neighborhood and they had one for sale. We bought it and then we had to take a tour of their “treehouse” . Their grandkids designed it and the first floor is built around a tree and when you get in side it has electricity and a little heater for winter, then across a swinging bridge to the Chapel. They even put stained glass windows up the bell tower(we didn’t go too high up for destiny) then a zip line to the ground at the back of the yard.

Leaving the Chapel to the first tree house

I would have loved being one of those kids.

Then 2 days later we went to the Kansas City Zoo. Got there as they opened the doors and had a blast. The animals were very active and ready to enjoy the day. Don’t you enjoy seeing things thru kid’s eyes. She was excited to see baby red pandas, baby chimp, and baby giraffes. Destiny had her list of what we had to see and she with Grandpa’s help had a map to find her way to see all. She was able to walk within 5 feet of the kangaroos and was speechless.

Then on to the sheep.

As we walked from the sheep she was rubbing her eyes. Grandpa asked if she was ok and she responded,”I never petted a sheep before and it is making me cry I’m so happy”. We turned around went back and fed them for a while.

Now I am in the sewing room making a 3rd baby quilt for our Great Niece who was born Tues. Life has been great this week and today the best. We are celebrating 47th anniversary and will be getting pizza for dinner. (We eloped and that was the dinner we had at the same pizza place 47 yrs ago). I hope your weeks are as filled with wonder and joy as ours is. We are truely Blessed.

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