Plan B

Plan A for this week was to spend about 3 days straight at the sewing machine. Not in the game plan for me nows. Hubby got a cold and with his breathing capacity at 49% we ended up Saturday taking a midnight ride to the hospital. Here on Monday we sit and it isn’t at the sewing machine. Turns out a fancy word for a cold is rhinovirus. That and a low lung capacity is keeping him here. I have been spending my time here in the hospital looking out over a parking lot and freeway.

So what is plan B you ask?????????? Well it is hand sewing. I keep a small bag of hand projects to do that doesn’t matter when it is done. This project is a paper pieced log cabin made in a diamond shape. Since the strips are finished at about 1/4 inch wide I am glad it is paper pieced.

I’ve got 2 1/2 diamonds made and only 32 more to go. I have to admit hand piecing is fun. Slow but fun. Maybe I will have a total of 3 done by time we leave. The way things are going now I will have 4 or 5 done.

Do you have a plan B for your projects? I think I will plan on having some other hand work in a ready bag for such times as this.

Well duty calls and I need to hear the new report.

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One thought on “Plan B

  1. Oh my, sending prayers your way! That has been a bit of the story with DH this year. We made a fast trip to the urgent care on Wednesday because the pollen count got so high he was losing ground fast. Thankfully we kept out of the hospital this time, and they gave him both the long term steroid allergy season shot and a round of prednisone, which has helped immensely. I totally empathize, nothing scarier than when your loved one can’t breathe!


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