Beautiful Sunday to you

I started a quilt last week and have all the piecing completed and getting ready to start assemble. With that said I have had a photo hanging on my door and wanted to put it into a wall hanging. I picked out the fabric, but have been a little, no a lot, scared to cut into some of it as I have limited amount of it. This morning I said, “You have to do it sometime.” So I did it. I used some chalkboard chalk to kind of draw out some of my cutting lines. Now I need to cut out the pieces for the people walking. I’m trying to decide if I want 1 or 2 people walking down the beach. What do you think? Here is the photo of what I am using.

This is what I started this morning.

I see a few changes I need to make right now, but I would love your input.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Paper Piecing

I have been working on a Paper Piecing Quilt I came across in my American Quilter Magazine. From Oct 2018. It is called Cactus In Bloom. I have 17 out of 30 the pieced blocks completed.

I love the colors and Batik is my favorite to work with. After I get all the blocks made I will be excited to see how it turns out. I think that is one of the many reasons I like quilting or making things is to see a finished project.

These blocks will have to wait for a day or so as tomorrow I have some mending to do and want to get outside before things get too hot again. We’ve had several days of nice and cool weather. I also have a few blouses for me and a dress for my Granddaughter to finish.

What will you be doing over the next few days? Anything interesting? Let me hear from you.

So many ideas

After a few days of not knowing what to start working on I now have 4 projects in the works. I now have 5 blocks of a Dear Jane quilt made and only 105 more to do. Not bad right?

I have 2 1/2 blocks (diamonds) fro my log cabin wall hanging. Only 30 more to go.

Cut out pieces for my Cactus in Bloom from my AQ magazine

And finally I have the fabric and photo I want to turn into a 24×24 Wall hanging. I took the photo last time I was in Texas visiting family. The person is my great niece, but I want to put 2 people walking the beach.

I’m still drawing out where I want what. The water will be a little more on the sand, but such a wonderful time.

Now to work on all these things to get them completed. What to work on first? You have any fun projects you working on?


I have been asked to Chair the Activity Committee for my quilt guild. I helped last year and now to be incharge. I am looking for ideas for several ideas for fun activities. The lady last year said I will do it and you help….nope not happened, but I can’t be too upset with her as she moved. This year or 2020 Opportunity Quilt will be a 50’s quilt. I’m thinking to keep the activities 50’s inspired. I would like to have something every other month or so, and then a contest towards the Quilt show in April.

Any ideas out there? I am in the process of researching things in this area. We will see what I can come up with.

I would love some ideas. Thank you

What to do next?

I have several projects completed and am at a place where I have been looking at my fabric and thinking, “What next?” I can’t settle on anything. It is like nothing is of interest . How do you decide on your next project? What do you do when it seems nothing is of interest?

I did find as I was cleaning a cheap quilt design program and started playing with. I think I will make some unequal 9 patch. They look interesting. This looks like it could be an illusions quilt. Think I will go ahead and make this.

Let me know how you get past that brain block when and if you get it.

Some Progress

I am so happy to say I am making progress on organizing the sewing room. I have spent 3 days going thru fabric, measuring, folding, and even giving away. Along with fabric I got rid of a shoe box of thread. Took the fabric and thread to my Quilting Guild and not a piece of thread or fabric was left. We have a free table and so I did come home with 2 small pieces. I deserved it after giving so much away. Here is what my shelves look like. Still have the closet to do, but it does look so much better.

Before clean up.

As you can see in this photo it is cluttered and the shelves are a mess. I do like it now and I am not ready to stop organizing.

At our quilt guild we had Karla Kiefner of Creative Bee Studio as a guest speaker. She uses both sides of her fabric. Before the other night I nvere paid too much attention to the back of the fabric. Now I will. Today is going to be a really hot day so I plan on staying in the air conditioner. What will you be doing today? Stay cool and enjoy drinking your watere.