Wheelchair Caddy

While I was making another wheelchair caddy I wrote up how I did it and here it is if you have the need to make one or want to.

Wheelchair Caddy

Wheelchair Caddy

Finished size 11×7.5 inches

Items needed:

Outside Fabric  1/3 yd 

Lining fabric 1/3 yd

Contrast fabric 12×5 inches


Outside fabric cut  2 12×8, for bag. Cut  2 2×8 for side sections. and 2  3×10 for straps

Lining fabric cut  2 12×8, for bag. Cut  2 2×8 for side sections. 


Cut for the outside pocket (optional).  Fold the top over and hem. Place the pocket on the outside of the front panel.  

Sew the side pieces to the bottom piece and then stitch to the front panel.  Now sew the back on and you will have the outside bag completed. Follow the same steps for the lining.

For the straps fold the pieces in half and then fold over a scant ΒΌ inch to hide the raw edge and stitch down.

After sewing this down pin the straps to the front of the bag about 2 inches in from each of the side seams.  

Assemble the caddy bag puttling the lining and the outside together right sides facing each other and pin along the top of the caddy bag.  Make sure the straps are caught in the front seam and not in the back seam and stitch leaving a 2 inch opening in the bag.

Now pull the caddy bag right sides out and top stitch around the top sealing the top.  

Next sew the velcro to the ends of the straps and then to where the back of the bag.  This is where you want it to fit the wheelchair. Enjoy.

Craft Fair Fun

This past Saturday we had a craft fair at a Cork and Canvas fair. It was a great time. We had to hold our tent down at time because of the wind. A few people actually had their tents go airborne. IT had rained so hard the night before and earlier that day. For that reason I am glad for wind. There were over 5 blocks of vendors, and every 3rd one was a Winery from some place in Missouri. Anyone over the age of 21 could sample as much as they wanted. This made the people watching fun. At one point a lady came into the booth and looked at our items. She asked me how long I had been quilting. I told her I started free motion quilting a little over 5 yrs ago. She smiled at me and told me to try drinking a glass of wine while quilting, it is even more relaxing. HAHHAHA. She was so sweet you couldn’t take offence at what she said.

There is a young lady who has a Youtube channel called Midnight Quilter who has a glass of wine while filming so maybe there is something to this. My only worry is spilling the wine.

I got home about 7:30pm and by 8 we were getting rain and hail. Someone was watching over us. Here are a few photos of our booth.

A Week of No TV

We decided to change our Television providers and there was a week of overlap and boy, did I get a lot done. Puzzles, cleaning, sewing, and making peanut brittle. Today has been the first full day of television service and I haven’t missed all the drama it brings into my home. It is staying off more from now on.

One of the things I made were caddies. Caddies for walkers, and wheelchairs for an assisted living center. I never realized how some of these items are so hard to come by. I have been asked about Dignity Bibs. Until I was asked did I get to thinking of this issue. I saw some on Pinterest, but what was used at some places were bigger baby bibs. Sad. I think I will be making some dignity bibs that I would want to see loved ones wear. Have you heard anything about these? I really would like to know.

Now for the quilters out there here is a photo of a card I purchased at the Regional Quilt Festival.

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival Part 2

These quilts are from different quilt guilds around the Kansas City Area. This covers Missouri and Kansas. So many and so much to wrap the brain around.

I liked the back of this quilt more than the front.

Lots of animals

Now this last picture is of the Convention Center Floor Map of where everything was. This is the main floor, but the first floor had lots also.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival

Yesterday was the first full day at the KCRQF and hubby and I went. We walked 4 solid hours looking at everything and of course purchasing a few things. It was amazing with Vendor and Sponsor demos every 30 minutes, and of course classes going on with 35 of the best Quilters around presenting the classes. There were over 115 Vendors.

It started Wed night with a concert by Ricky Tims, then a meet and greet after.

I loved looking for fabrics or patterns that I can’t get around me. And I love using Superior Thread and so I stock up once a year. We looked at every booth and every quilt possible. Was my brain in over drive by them we got home! That and my foot was throbbing. I purchased a bout yards of fabric, 1 card and a boat load of thread. I went over on the budget I set for myself as I had hubby telling me, “Your here only once a year.” So how could I not listen to the man of reason?

Now here are some of the quilts that were judged. The Best of Show was beautiful, but I couldn’t get around it to photograph it(there were 3 women having a conversation, and the excuse me were ignored,” So here are some of the others.

Fine Feathered Friends by Tamara Gross
Friends of Baltimore by Sandy Meyers
Folded Elegance by Jean McDonald
Glacier Star by Katheryn Limpic
Dinner Plate Dahlia by Ana Blickenderfer
Elegance by Elsie Campbell
Wonderland in Bloom by Jana McBroom
Espalier by Jo Ann Webb
Red and White Explosion by Margaret B. Willingham

These are the ribbon winners and all beautiful. Tomorrow will be more from the show.

Have a wonderful day.

Enjoying the outdoors

This weekend our HOA is having a neighborhood garage sale so here I sit waiting for all our wonderful “stuff” to get bought up. My helper, Destiny is enjoying digging in my flower bed “collecting” dirt. I’m a little afraid to ask what she is collecting it for.

Bird baths are full, feeders have been filled and birds are singing. This is a beautiful day to be out and relaxing.

This afternoon Destiny will exchange her shovel for the sprinkler and mud from the flower bed.

Hope you have a very relaxing day.

Crazy Days

For the next two weeks I will be working on making lots of Artist Portfolio Bags in 3 sizes. 18×20, 26×29, and 34×41.
These will hold several canvases.

While making these bags I have 20 bags for walkers and wheelchairs to make. So these days are very crazy. I will be leaving the sewing alone for the next 2 days as our Neighborhood HOA is having a neighborhood Garage Sale. I didn’t plan on selling anything, but one daughter is putting some stuff in so I will be helping her.

This is one of the bags we’ve made for when people purchase something from us at the craft fairs. Hope everyone is doing ok and having a great day.