A Big Funk

It has been a little over a week since my foot surgery and still have very limited use of it. Will have pins out the top of the toes for 5 more weeks. I can stand for about 30 minutes at a time and the rest of the time it has to be propped up. Hubby set things up so I can prop it up when sewing, but nothing is calling out to me. He took me to wander around a new quilt shop in town and it was like walking thru the grocery store. I picked up a charm pack and a yard of fabric still sitting on the cutting table.

What do you to keep from getting into these funks or to get out of the funk once you are , what do you do to get out of it?

Maybe getting outside and look thru some of my books will cheer me up. Sunshine is the best thing I can think of for now. It has been rainy for the last few days so this will be nice to soak up some sun. Thanks for listening to me grump. I appreciate you all so much. Thank you

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8 thoughts on “A Big Funk

  1. Oh poor Ceecee….I think you definitely need to get out some books and magazines and look for some inspiration! …..And I think you need some HAPPY MAIL πŸ˜‰
    Take care and before you know it this will all be behind you and you will be a back to your old self.
    Hugs, Monique


  2. The gray days put me in a funk too, and I am completely ambulatory. Is it time for an engaging mystery read to change things up a bit, or maybe a biography? If your library has online features you could peruse from home and have someone pick them up for you, or if they have digital books, you could check them out yourself. I can highly recommend the Lady Darby mysteries by Anna Lee Huber or anything by Terri Blackstock. Sometimes something completely different will get you back to what you love. Sending hugs!


  3. I’ve been where you are with pins sticking out of my foot. Nothing has ever hurt so bad. Couldn’t even sleep well because the pin rubbed on the covers. Sleep, though is the best thing you can do as you only heal while sleeping. Then find something funny or inspirational to watch or listen to. Wishing you quick healing. I’m so sorry you have to experience that. Funny is my go to when in a funk. Cat videos on utube helps too. πŸ˜‰


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