April finds

This month has been a challenge and I am happy to say we all survived it. YEAH….. Easter was a Beautiful day with family, laughing, teasing, and visiting. This last week we were driving along going to Walmart and saw a sign, “FABRIC for sale.” Of course we had to stop and see what was going on. A lady’s sister in law passed away and this lady had the chore of getting rid of sewing items. A 2 car garage filled with tables and shelves full of totes of fabric. Fabric under the table, on the table, on shelves, buttons 25 cents a card, thread 10 cents. Totes full of elastic and “sew” on. One of the wonderful things was a steam press for $40. Oh yes, I snapped this one up. Still in the box, all the paperwork and so on. I did buy about 15 yards of cotton fabric at $1 a yard.

Today will be a day of severe weather so Granddaughter and I will be making bread and doing some cleaning. Maybe, we will see how much grandma time this little 4 yr old will demand. Yesterday was a good day. We are getting into a routine so today will be fun. HOT BREAD! Need to think about making jelly to go with it. Yummmmm.

What do you do on rainy days? I would love to hear how you spend these dreary days.

Stay safe with whatever you do.

Bags, bags, and more bagsn

This week I have been making bags(Hence the title). The bags are are for the craft sale and then made one for a lady to carry her paint pallets in.

These are for larger sales to carry their finds in. The next one is for the Paint Pallets.

The top will unzip on 3 sides and is 7 inches tall. Outside of these bags I have made 4 owl purses and had our granddaughter more this last week. It has been great. Next week is going to be getting a few more things finished up and be all set.

May 8th I will have foot surgery and not sure how long I will be limited to activity, but as long as the foot can stay elevated I will be sewing.

What will you be doing? How will you be honoring the creative side in you?

Beautiful Spring

The last few days have been perfect. I have been spending time with Granddaughter more this week and that has taken us outside more and more. It is the perfect spring weather, grass is growing and this means that there is more mowing. My lilac bushes are in full bloom and the Chinese Spice Viburnum is blooming. The smell in the back yard is great. It will be nice to have the yard ready for the summer. Since little bit will be with us most of the time from 4am-3pm most days this week there won’t be too much sewing going on. Here are a few photos I took from the yard. Tomorrow will be more to follow.

Finger vs Sewing Machine

I am known for doing some stupid stuff, but I think today I outdid myself. I was sewing along and heard a loud noise felt something hit the finger and sewing machine stopped. This was for safety reasons, or so the machine said. Then I felt the pain. Sewing foot went right over the finger and needle went into the finger next to the nail. It came out the side of the finger before it broke. The needle. I let out a few words and hubby came to see what was wrong. He did have fun teasing me while helping to bandage it.

I may be able to milk it Easter and no dishes. Seriously, my son and Daughter in law have a dishwasher.

This weekend will be a weekend of family and fun. What are your plans for Easter weekend? I hope the weather is beautiful for whatever you decide to do.

Happy Easter.

My Quilt Guild Quilt Show

This weekend we had our local quilt guild quilt show and it was so much fun. I was amazed at the quilts by everyone, but 2 people’s work had me going back to do a double take and in some instances a third glance. I will start with Jim’s Quilt. He is the only man in the guild and does some of the most beautiful work. He and his wife both quilt and make an amazing team.

This was a raw edge applique.

Next person was Kathy. Now Kathy makes miniature quilts. I am going to have her give me some pointers on her secrets.

The quilt at the top is Kathy’s and it measures 11×14 inches.

The two on the left were Kathy’s they are both Log Cabin Quilts. Something to look forward to learning.

Just a few of the others in the show. Was a great time, now my goal is to up my game this year. Try something new and get out of my comfort zone.

What are you doing this week? Today I am planning on getting outside for a little while.

Have a wonderful day.

Quick Question

I have been seeing an ad on Facebook to sell your handmade products on Amazon Handmade. We are in the process of updating our Etsy account. I am wondering what is the difference between these two forums. Anyone hear anything about Amazon Handmade. I don’t buy thru Amazon a lot, but I do love their return stores. I just like seeing and touching something before I buy it.

I will be posting more later today. I am going to our Quilt Show in a while to see all and to work for a while. As my grandkids tell me. “I so sited”.

May your day be the best so far.

On Monday night I went to quilt guild and learned so much. Our guest speaker was Jodi Barrows. She has developed a easier way to make a a square in a square and other blocks like the Flying Geese. I purchased her ruler and beginner book. She was doing a workshop yesterday teaching these techniques. I had granddaughter yesterday so wasn’t able to attend. Her method in making the square in a square, there is no cutting triangles. Just straight cuts. The magic comes from using the ruler. Check her out on Facebook.

I do think I will be purchasing the next book in the series. I do plan on making one of her quilts. I will post more about the procedures and ruler. Will let you know how it goes. Tonight I will pick out the fabrics for the quilt. This will be fun.

What will you be doing this week? Will be posting more on the quilt.