Can’t throw anything away

As I was cleaning the house today, dusting, hubby asked why I kept these 4 mugs. Yes they are cracked and not any use, BUT, those were my mother’s and she isn’t with us anymore. They were damaged in the mail . I sat gluing them together crying like a child who was told no. I showed him the 1st mug, it was all in one piece, I told him this represents us as newly weds, the next was cracked. Little life struggles, the third in many pieces . I said this represents the worst struggles of our life together, and the 4th not broken but cracked and chipped. Us 47 years later very happy. He thought for a few minutes and said “Good one, Jack” and walked off. I didn’t know if I should laugh or go after him and kick him in the back end. Good one, Gary.

I gave up on spring cleaning as it really isn’t spring and went to the sewing room. I did get block 1 of row A of the Dear Jane quilt made.


I am on a roll. On to the next one. If I make one block a day except the days I have the granddaughter, MAYBE by Christmas I will have it finished.

I hope you have had a good weekend. Do something fun.

UFOs No More

Well I have finally completed all my UFOs and am ready to start new projects. The next project is one I have wanted to do for a long time and have put off. It is a Dear Jane Quilt. Lots of little blocks. This will be a great way to do many blocks and maybe will find a new favorite. For me the blocks are so much like my quilts. My favorite is the one I am currently working on. How about you? Have you made a Dear Jane Quilt? It is going to be fun and a wonderful way to use up odds and ends of my Civil War reproduction fabrics. This quilt may have to find it’s way on my wall to stay.

Image result for dear jane quilt

Looks like fun doesn’t it? This is not my photo, I got it off the internet.

Before I start this next project I am having a granddaughter who does photography as a hobby come by to take some photos of a few quilts I am trying to decide between to submit to go in our Quilt Guild’s space at the Kansas City Quilt Festival. We will see how it goes.

Have a fun evening and enjoy life.

Early Morning Post

Today I am up lots earlier than normal so time to ramble on. This week we’ve gotten our entry forms for some of the craft fairs and I am trying to decide what all needs to be made for these shows. If I work all winter (what else is there to do) I can have things ready and maybe not need to go crazy during the few weeks between them. In a perfect world that is what I would do. So today’s plan is very important. It is a play day with Destiny. And we will make a Date Cake for Grandpa. This afternoon I will be going thru all I have put away for the sale and do an ongoing inventory, make sure all are tagged and pressed. Then make a list of what else I need to make.

I have decided to take part in a challenge at mycreativecorner3 here on WordPress. The challenge is for April and you have plenty of time to check her out. We will be taking 15 minutes a day to practice our quilting. This is something I don’t do enough and I need to do more. I am looking forward to this. I just don’t think about it until I am ready to do some and then have to practice before hand. This kills 2 birds with one stone (that sounds mean), I’ve been wanting to put a quilting design book together for my reference. Do you have one? How often do you practice? In writing this I am thinking I am unorganized and need to get my act together. So much my mind wants to do and the clock says no. (Sorry I sound like I just jumped to “Alice in Wonderland” with the Mad Hatter. Little sleep and no caffeine.

How do you keep track of your list of want to dos? Any reference books ? Do you feel like you’ve stepped into “Alice In Wonderland”?

Have a great day.

Great Weekend

The weekend started with mailing the Hebrew Alphabet Quilt and then Saturday afternoon and evening the kids came over for a work night. We’re starting to gear up making for craft fairs. Mary jumped on the sewing machine, while Ashley worked on making fantastic signs and Alicia working on new spreadsheets and Facebook. We even had Destiny stringing beads. I played with the alcohol ink and fabrics.

The men gave their ideas from the living room while watching movies.

Today I cleaned everything up from last night then started working on my March APQ Challenge. This month I was to make one of the Granddaughter’s quilt, but she hasn’t chosen what she wants so instead of that I am quilting the top of a quilt I started 2 years ago.

This has been a great weekend, even if it snowed. I am now looking for ideas for the craft fairs. I need to make my list of must do’s so you have a great day.