So Many Ideas

My head is so full of ideas and not enough of me to make them all at once. I’ve been making lists, but still so many I want to do. Last week I got a Cricut and have been making a lot of things. I showed my bottles and last night I tried it out on fabric. In less than 3 minutes from start to finish (loading the design and last cut) I tried it out on fused fabric.

Two projects in one. Putting elastic on the larger piece for a head band and the little pieces to use on cards or little embellishments on some project.

I can see using this to cut out small pieces of applique .

So many ideas and not enough of me or time. Stay focused Jackie, Stay focused.

Be prepared for some practical jokes tomorrow. Have a great day.

Bottles of Fun

I have been playing with wine bottles, lights, alcohol ink, and vinyls. This has been lots of fun. I still need to practice more before I sell them. This is the first day of trying.

Now here they are lit up.

Not sure if I like the blue bottle very well, but we will see. This is taking me out of my comfort zone as I usually deal in fabric. I do LOVE the Circut tho. This weekend I am going to get a fabric mat and cutter then life will be perfect.

Enjoy your day.

Add just one more thing to do

Yesterday I purchased a Cricut Vinyl Cutting machine and love it. Or at least so far. I have been enjoying it. This is the one more thing I am adding to things to do. I am looking forward to using this to add something new to the quilts and make a few other things.

This week has been fun and busy. Getting lots of sewing done and am ready to start the craft fairs. Tomorrow brings rain and so I will be watching it rain and have a good book to read. It is also the deadline I gave myself to get rid of some fabric I haven’t used in a long time. While I worked I made almost all of my clothes and now I live in jeans and leggins, and the occasional dress clothes. I hope someone can put this to good use. Then I need to tackle patterns. Maybe not. I have patterns from the 50-2019. Maybe the kids can get rid of those.

I hope everyone is having a good and productive week and hopefully tomorrow I can show you something from the Cricut.

Sweet dreams all.

little Blast from the past

I have been doing a little cleaning and have been looking thru some magazines that my Mother in Law had saved. These are such wonderful finds.

-Look at this Disney Coloring book! Copyright is 1937-1939 . For sure one to save.

The books are all in together and there are only a few marks on the coloring pages , but no page is colored.

With Spring here we have been trying to work in the yard some. Now I am ready to get some flowers, but am determined to wait a month until we are sure no more freezes. What are you doing this week? Enjoy your days.

Little Cell Phone Bags.

I have been making little cell phone bags. They started out being an Owl. Then I thought a Penguin would be cute and then the ideas started coming like crazy. Penguin got tried out a lot yesterday.

I woke up this morning thinking Bunnies, Kittens, Puppies, Bears….I am cutting out more Penguins today and making them. As I make them I am trying to write out the pattern for them. So I guess this week will be a “Zoo” in my sewing room. Craft fairs are around the corner and we are adding 1-3 more this year.

Now for good news (I think) my stash is getting smaller and I don’t have big totes of fabric any more. What this means, and this is the good news, I need to buy more to replace what I have used up. For fabric lovers this is good. I do need to keep some sort of list of fabrics I have, what I need to replace, and so on. Sounds like lots of work…

What are you working on this week?

Do you have some way of knowing what you have in your stash? Want to share?

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this first day of Spring.

Redo Flower Wallhanging

I have spent the evening and day adding to the flower panel from the last post. It desperately needed it. Thanks to some of the posts for the suggestions. Then I dug out the crystals and had fun. What do you think?

Now I am off to another project. What is you ask? I don’t know yet. I did get a new magazine and I think that I will sit back with a glass or wine and take the afternoon to enjoy some sunlight First day in MONTHS we have sun and in the 54 degrees outside.

I hope your weekend is as nice as today is turning out to be.

Suggestions Needed

This week I have been working on this panel I purchased on line, The picture was a little brighter than the panel, so I decided to quilt the darker parts of the quilt in a bright lemon yellow. The lighter shade in a shade lighter yellow. As you can see(I hope)the pedals are now defined and I will be adding a few Crystals to Bling it up but other than that I feel it is missing something? Suggestions? PLEASE.

This week has been a wild week in Kansas City, with BASKETBALL. We are hosting the March Maddness. For those like me who don’t pay attention to sports it is College Basketball Championships. That and then St. Patrick’s Weekend. We stay away from the Downtown area. We figure with the celebrating of both events people don’t always think or act rationally and we will stay home. It gives me a reason to go wandering thru the quilt shops and finger the fabrics.

Please say a prayer, send a good thought, whatever it is you do the the people, families, and members of Christchurch in New Zealand. 49 People killed in two Mosque shootings. This is so sad and such a tragedy. Be safe my Bloggin Buddies.