Beautiful day

Today was beautiful. It snowed 4 inches, but it was one of those beautiful snows. Light and fluffy. That lead to a day of sewing and I loved it. Yesterday I told you about learning some tricks for applique. The supplies needed would be Heat Resistant Mylar, fine point sharpies, spray starch, tear a way interfacing, thread, and an iron.

Cut your pattern out of the Mylar and then the fabric 1/4 in bigger. Putting the spray starch in a cup and paint on fabric or using your finger apply the starch making it damp. Now put the mylar on the fabric and then press till the fabric is dry. Your folds are crisp and clean making it easier to applique.

Build the pattern from the back part of the design ex. A bear, starting with the body, then arms, etc. Do this with all pieces.

I tried this and found out I burned my fingers, so I found a nice little tool on Cherie’s Crystals. it is a 5 in 1 tool. I got a tip that is a little iron and other parts of the tool heat sets crystals. I paid $18.95 for the tool, and 3 for the iron tip. JoAnn’s has a Tulip mini iron for 29.95. I am waiting for it to come in the mail. This will be so much better for me. I have been trying needle turn and all though it is coming along well, the curves are driving me crazy.

Have you tried this way? I saw some of the same type of directions on Cherie’s site, so check her out. This was explained to me at Quilt guild, could be the instructor learned this from Cherie” site also.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful day

  1. I use cereal boxes for templates, and run a basting stitch for circles and paisleys and just iron them. Those heat resistant mylars intrigue me. I can needle leaves if I set the points with the iron, but I prefer to have the edge pressed. It takes longer to prep, but I think the actual applique goes much faster, so it probably comes down to what you prefer. 🙂


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