Today I am finishing up things around the house I have been put off. That brings us to TBT. Here are a few quilts that I have gotten done over the years.

Big Brother’s Quilt of Valor

Ben’s Quilt of Valor

Just a sample of what we’ve been up to. Enjoy your day.

OneCreativeFamily has been busy

I have been working on a quilt for a friend of ours. It is the Hebrew Alphabet in the Star of David. This has been a wonderful experience and I have learned a lot. The word in the last block is this. ” Yehsua’s name in Hebrew “. I am excited about this.

Ashley has been working on signs.

No photo description available.

Alicia is making a poncho from Granny Squares.

No photo description available.

Mary has been working on her oils

That is what his happening in this part of the world. Enjoy your day.

I have been working on a Hebrew Alphabet quilt. This has been so much fun. It is a machine applique, I have finished all the blocks and now putting them in a row. The biggest problem I had was keeping the blocks right side up and in order. This has been a wonderful experience, and am so glad to be doing it. I hope to get the top finished tonight and by Sunday have the quilting completed.

I am so happy there are posti notes to help me out with keeping them in order.

Tomorrow brings a day of baking and going thru craft fair items. See what we need to put on sale this year.

We are working on building up an Etsy store and I am nervous about this. I hope it will be easier than I imagine. Do you have an Etsy store? Is is very user friendly? Any suggestions? Any dos or don’ts?

Enjoy the weekend.

Rambling Wednesday

I have been working on a new quilt. The Hebrew Alphabet in the Star of David. After finishing about 13 stars I didn’t like the way the Navy color looked so I have been taking it all out and redoing it in black. The black color looks a lot better.

I have been also enjoying the weather. Today was we woke up to Marshmallow Fluff all over the yard. As I was sewing on my quilt a noise caught my attention. I looked out the window and saw a car stuck in the snow. We went out and helped push them out and walking back into the yard I fell flat on my face. I felt like a little kid playing in the snow. It was wonderful. This made me decide not to worry so much about acting my age. I think I will start acting on impulses and have a little more silliness in my days. It reminds me of the poem, “When I am Old I Shall Wear Purple” I am adding more purple to my days.

The girls and I have been getting together once a month to work on craft fair items. Alicia is enjoying macrame, and crocheting, Mary is making soaps, herbal hot pads, and a few other thing. Ashley is making signs and vinyal sayings. After the holidays we had several wine bottles so I saved them, and got a few more from a neighnor. Hubby drilled holes in them and we are adding lights in them and I am painting them. Before long we will be going to craft fairs.

What have you been doing?

Hope you are staying war, or cool, depending on the part of the world you are in,

New project

Finished my Illusion Quilt and so now I am on to a new project.

The new project is a little unusual. I am making a quilt for a friend who I went to school with many moons ago. It is going to be the Hebrew Alphabet in side the Star of David. This is the first block and I am not sure if I am happy with the way it is turning out. I am going to make 5 of them and see how they look together. Here is a sneek peek.

The pictures look pretty good. We will see.

Today has been a nice quiet day. We have had a visit with each of our kids this weekend and have enjoyed them. What have you done this weekend? What are your plans for the upcoming week? Be safe and stay warm.

Beautiful day

Today was beautiful. It snowed 4 inches, but it was one of those beautiful snows. Light and fluffy. That lead to a day of sewing and I loved it. Yesterday I told you about learning some tricks for applique. The supplies needed would be Heat Resistant Mylar, fine point sharpies, spray starch, tear a way interfacing, thread, and an iron.

Cut your pattern out of the Mylar and then the fabric 1/4 in bigger. Putting the spray starch in a cup and paint on fabric or using your finger apply the starch making it damp. Now put the mylar on the fabric and then press till the fabric is dry. Your folds are crisp and clean making it easier to applique.

Build the pattern from the back part of the design ex. A bear, starting with the body, then arms, etc. Do this with all pieces.

I tried this and found out I burned my fingers, so I found a nice little tool on Cherie’s Crystals. http://www.cheriscrystals.com/ it is a 5 in 1 tool. I got a tip that is a little iron and other parts of the tool heat sets crystals. I paid $18.95 for the tool, and 3 for the iron tip. JoAnn’s has a Tulip mini iron for 29.95. I am waiting for it to come in the mail. This will be so much better for me. I have been trying needle turn and all though it is coming along well, the curves are driving me crazy.

Have you tried this way? I saw some of the same type of directions on Cherie’s site, so check her out. This was explained to me at Quilt guild, could be the instructor learned this from Cherie” site also.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,.

Life’s little ups and downs

Last I posted we had a broke water main. Well the plumbers were out in the freezing rain slipping and sliding around the yard fixing the main. Here are a few photos of what the process looked like. Hubby had been babying the yard all summer when it was dry so it would look nice. Now this.

This was when they first got to the house to start to work.

Two holes had to be dug. If you look at the previous photo there is a man in an orange hoodie hood…here he is in the hole. Yes, that is his head.

Hole number 2 starting.

Here is Hubby’s precious green (muddy) front yard. We now need to get a few bags of dirt to put in around the sidewalk. At least it is fixed and we aren’t making the yard a swamppy mess.

This was Monday. Tuesday up at 3 to get ready for a day with Granddaughter and got a call from oldest Daughter, Alicia,(One of One Creative Family) left work in pain and went to the Dr. He sent her for a sonagram of her gallbladder and they sent her to the ER. After spending 6 hours waiting for a bed space in the ER they gave her a bed and admitted her to the hospital. This was 9 pm and at 1 am they got her a bed, but on the OB floor. So many sick with the flu. She is waiting for the surgeon to come in and talk to her about the procedure they will do. She has 2 wonderful daughters who are waiting to take good care of her when she gets home. Her wonderful boyfriend who is by her side thru this all and keeping us posted.

Today is an up day in the ups and downs. It will be a warm 56 degrees and sunny. We will be soaking up as much of the sun as possible. Then finish the Illusion Quilt.

What will you be doing?

Coming up tomorrow…I discovered some great tips for applique. For those of you who know me know I haven’t done a lot of these, BUT I learned alot at Quilt Guild Monday night.

Enjoy today.