Challenges for 2019

I have joined 3 challenges (2 are the same, but in 2 groups) for 2019. Thought it would keep me focused. It has and I am excited to say I am even a little ahead of schedule. WOWZERS! One month down and 11 to go. January brought cleaning and organizing the sewingroom, and finishing a flower wall hanging. Fegruary I will be making 40-60 bowl cozies and have only 10 made. I will be stretching and better posture daily to keep the tension out of the back and necks.

Did you decide to accept any Challenges or made resolutions for 2019? How is it going?

Yesterday I worked on Teddy Bears for Craft Fairs starting in June. 5 sewed up and 3 totally finished. I ran out of fiber fill and with the temp -6 degrees with a windchill -18 I was not going to get out to go buy some. I also made a wallet. I think I will make a few changes to this but want to use it for a while before I make another.

Today I will be cleaning closets and get some decluttering done. I keep putting this off and with the cold, I think I will be a good time to do this.

This cold time of the year I will leave you with some warm photos.

My hometown

love that sky
sunset off Pier at Powderhorn
Closer look at grapevine

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2 thoughts on “Challenges for 2019

  1. These are really pretty. Stay warm, I heard it is really cold in your part of the world right now. I have family in Ohio, Arkansas and Oklahoma and they are all just trying to stay inside and be warm. I have no idea what that is like, here in Arizona we have bad summers but we don’t get the snow so much, not unless we head up north.


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