In the last month I have seen 3 Drs for my headaches. The last one was a Neurologist and said they are tension and sent me to a physical therapist. She told me that I am stressing out my neck causing tension and whe I am sewing I shouldn’t be looking down and at an angle while quilting. I need to sit lower so I am looking even with the stitching while sitting up straight. Let me ask you all out there. While working at your machine are you sitting higher and looking down at your work or are you sitting lower so you look even with the stitching? I feel like Lilly Tomlin in the big rocking chair.

I am going to try this tomorrow and see how it goes. I am 5 ft and in the mornings 5’1″ so sitting so my feet are flat on the floor is strange.

I will stop the complaining and do some hand work while I am watching TV with Hubby for a while.

Tomorrow we are getting rain and snow. Depending on which channel I listen to it could be anywhere from a dusting to 4 inches. This means I will be doing a lot of sitting at the window. It will continue into Saturday and the Poor Football Players will be playing in the snow. Hope they are ready.

Have a fun evening and talk to you tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Doctors

  1. I have my machine raised a bit so I can look directly at it. Since I’m vision impaired, I have to get really close to my work or work by feel. I also take lots of short breaks and move every half hour or so. Everything takes longer but I worked the way you do, I’d have a monster headache as well. I used to get migraines for years that medication wouldn’t fix but they sent me for biofeedback to learn to control the tension in my neck and shoulders. Never had another. Hope you find some solution.


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