My sewing buddy

I hear people talking about their quilting with friends or family. I have been thinking how that may be nice. Well today I got one. Granddaughter number 5, otherwise known as Destiny, was here and was playing in the buttons and coins in a can I have. I got some odds and ends of fabric left over from previous quilts to sort thru. She started making shapes with the triangles. With that we said we sat at the sewing machine and she learned how to put blocks together.

She made 14 blocks. After each block was completed she had to go show her “Pops”. I will press and trim up these blocks and cut fabric for more blocks and maybe we will get her Baby’s blanket completed.

I think maybe next time a little older one will come to visit and quilt. This was a fun way to spend the day. Last week it was baking. This week sewing. Keeping up with a 4yr old is a workout for this Grandma, but she sure keeps me young.

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