Today I worked on getting all my Christmas put away and cleaning the sewing room. Felt good to sit and see everything in it’s place. For how long? I don’t have a clue. I even got a set of placemats and napkins made. I am on a roll here. I stacked all my UFO’s to the side and have everything ready to work on. Good start. Then the phone rings and the brakes went on and I had to do some thinking. I need to come up with ideas and guidelines for the idea for Quilt Guild. Our quilt show is in April and the theme is “The Wonders of Snowflakes”. We will supply each member with a piece of fabric to be used and they have to make something by April. I am new to the Guild business and signed up to “Help” with this committee. I got appointed chairperson because no one else signed up. What kind of guidelines should there be other than the obvious? Use the fabric and represent the theme. Am I missing anything? Over thinking it?

I did manage to play with alcohol ink and a wine bottle. I do like this idea and plan on making lots more.

Glad Hubby has a drill and the bits to drill the hole in it for me.

Tomorrow will bring trying to finish up on some UFO’s, and use up some of my fabric so I will have a “good reason” to go shopping. I hope everyone has a good Friday.

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