Do you like baked potatoes?

We like baked potatoes, but not the tough skin from when cooked in the microwave. I found these Potato Bags. They are GREAT! All you do is wash the potato, put in the bag, and bake. These bags keep the potatoes moist, and hot till ready to serve. I have also cooked corn on the cob in it. It is a must for my kitchen. Who doesn’t like good and quick?????

Today I will show you how to make one in less than 30 min.


2 fat quarters (one for outside bag and one for lining 1 21×10 cotton batting or insulbrite

Finished bag.

Start by cutting your fabric and batting into rectangles of 21×10.

Now you will stack them batting first the lining (wrong side on batting) and the outside fabric face down on the lining.

Sew 1/4 inch around the rectangle leaving an opening on the bottom to turn the bag right side out.

Now turn right side out.

I top stitch the bottom to close the opening. Now fold the bottom up 10 inches and then fold the top down over the bottom you top stitched . Since my lining was black and I wanted a little showing I folded the top piece up a little to give a contrast. Now sew the sides together. If I am using this for a craft fair or a gift I insert this instruction page, giving the user some kind of directions.

Hope you enjoy this.

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