Challenges for 2019

I have joined 3 challenges (2 are the same, but in 2 groups) for 2019. Thought it would keep me focused. It has and I am excited to say I am even a little ahead of schedule. WOWZERS! One month down and 11 to go. January brought cleaning and organizing the sewingroom, and finishing a flower wall hanging. Fegruary I will be making 40-60 bowl cozies and have only 10 made. I will be stretching and better posture daily to keep the tension out of the back and necks.

Did you decide to accept any Challenges or made resolutions for 2019? How is it going?

Yesterday I worked on Teddy Bears for Craft Fairs starting in June. 5 sewed up and 3 totally finished. I ran out of fiber fill and with the temp -6 degrees with a windchill -18 I was not going to get out to go buy some. I also made a wallet. I think I will make a few changes to this but want to use it for a while before I make another.

Today I will be cleaning closets and get some decluttering done. I keep putting this off and with the cold, I think I will be a good time to do this.

This cold time of the year I will leave you with some warm photos.

My hometown

love that sky
sunset off Pier at Powderhorn
Closer look at grapevine

I am a mean Grandma

Just wanted to post something funny on this cold windy Monday. Friday we hosted a One Creative Family Work night. We had Mary making fabric kleenex holders that have a pocket on the back for chapstick and hand sanatizer. Alicia making macrame, Ashley making a cute wood Welcome sign, Destiny making hearts with a heart hole punch, and Alexis painting with Alcohol ink. Grandma was helping Destiny and visiting with all keeping them on task. Grandpa opened the wine, cut summer sausage and cheese. Alicia asked me to tell Ashley the story of Cinderella my grandmother (hispanic) would tell us. The basics of the story are the same, just names and a few changes. I wasn’t sure Destiny was listening as this 4 yr old was humming and punching hearts. All went well, now jump to Saturday. Destiny spent the night and on Saturday wanted to continue with the hearts. She handed me a piece of paper to cut a big heart. when I folded it she got mad and tore it half throwing it on the floor saying she didn’t want a fold in it. I told her she threw it on the floor so she could pick it up and put it in the trash. She stomped off saying “You are being mean to me! Just like those mean step sisters making me do all the chores! I just wanted a heart with no folds! ” I had to leave the room with her mumbling and Grandpa had to get into to it too telling me to stop being mean. Still makes me laugh. The rest of the day went better for her with making 6 hearts(she has to do things in equals of 3)

Today more Teddy bears coming your way. Hopefully this afternoon we can post some photos. I have the bodies and limbs of 2 purple and 2 pink made and stuffed it is jut attaching them and I need to fine just the right buttons for eyes and to add the limbs.

Find something funny to laugh about even when you are being called mean.

Sunday Sewing

Today, was a day to work on Memory Bears. Got 4 almost finished today. Had an assembly line going and they are all stuffed and ready to put together. Here is the first group of memory items I got finished.

2 purple and 2 pink Bears to meet the blue bear. Today weather was beautiful, but cold front is on the way. By Wed morning the temp is going to be -5 with a windchill about -18. A day to stay indoors and quilt.

Friday the girls came over and we all sat and worked on stuff for the craft fairs. Some new items coming in the spring. I will be posting more in the future. Hope everyone stays warm.

Almost finished.

I am almost finished with the 2 memory quilts for my friend. These were fun to figure out and make. (Don’t tell anyone, but the pattern was way easier than it looked). All I have to do is sandwich and quilt them. I want to be able to get them finished this week I don’t like having work for other people just sitting around.

These are the same pattern but with a few changes in color. When totally finished I will post a phot of everything. Have a wonderful day.

Ice and Snow

Today it has been a fine rain all day nd now the temps ae in the mid 20’s. The gound is freezing and we are going to get snow anytime. KC is getting about 3.5 inches of snow on top of ice. We have at least 3 more months before we can start looking to thaw out. The good side is I will be able to do a lot of sewing and reading.

For those of you who liked reading “The Help”, & “Driving Miss Daisy” then you will really enjoy reading “Calling Me Home”by Julie Kibler. It is a wonderful read. Check it out and enjoy it.

This is a short post as I am going to curl up with my book to finish with a cup of tea and enjoy a quiet evening.

Be safe and stay warm

A day of pillows and a Teddy Bear

Today was spent making pillows from a friend’s mother’s favorite clothes. Her Mother passed away on Christmas Eve. So today I made 5 pillows and this cute little Teddy Bear.

Now cutting out 2 twin size quilts. This has been a good day.

Now back the last few chapters of my book. If you are looking for a good book to read, here is one that was given to me. The BEST book I’ve read in a long time. “Calling Me Home” by Julie Kibler. One of those books you can’t seem to put down. A cup of tea and the book is great.

A week of hodgepodge

This week I have been sewing and am in the process of remaking a friend’s Mother’s favorite clothes into pillows and quilts for her Grandchildren. Sometimes just having these memores close at hand are comfortating.

I am going to be re organizing my sewing room as Daughter #2 got a sewing machine and came to my house to shop for some fabric. That means I need to take stock of what I need to replace or if I want to replace what she took. Pretty happy that all the adult females in the family are finding sewing. Not sure if they all like it, but are enjoying all that they do.

Next Friday we are all planning on getting together and work on things for the up coming Craft shows. This will be a fun evening.

I have had a loittle helper this week and the thought of what to do led me to clean some scraps. In doing this Destiny started playing with my fabric shapes and came up with a pattern she liked so we spent 2 days sewing them together and making her own baby doll blanket with a soft soft back.

A finished product we so like