With New Years just around the corner, I have been thinking of “New Year’s Resolutions”. My resolution is to make weekly lists and journal more. I also joined in on a Quilting UFO Challenge with APQS and Farmhouse Quilts. The first thing I needed to work on was the Flower Wallhanging. I decided to addContinue reading

Week of baking

With our family growing, grandchildren are all going different directions we are having a mini Christmas on Sunday.  Our oldest Granddaughter is celebrating with her Christmas Day with her boyfriend’s family and our third Granddaughter is spending Christmas Day with her dad, so we will have a “Dessert Christmas”  Table will be filled with sweetsContinue reading “Week of baking”

Wonderful Time of the Year

I love getting ready for Christmas and can’t wait for all the excitement.  I don’t know what you do for Christmas, but ours was getting so “Predictable”.  With that said, I am bringing in some of my childhood get togethers and bring a new twist.  Normally it is dinner, open gifts, and visiting.  This yearContinue reading “Wonderful Time of the Year”