Cleaning and Organizing

I have been cleaning the sewing room and trying to organize things so I can find what I want when I want to. Glad that part is done now I need to decide what to do with the fabric I have that is for clothing. I may donate it. We will see.

I did finish my flower wall hanging. The only thing I am not happy with is that there hasn’t been any sun the last few days to be able to photograph it outside so all the beading will show up. I will post of photo of it when the sun comes out. In the mean time here it is.

This will be short as I have to be up at 4am for Destiny. Mom’s hours changed from late at night to early in the morning. Destiny will be 4 tomorrow and we have a big day planned for her.

Have a great day.

With New Years just around the corner, I have been thinking of “New Year’s Resolutions”. My resolution is to make weekly lists and journal more. I also joined in on a Quilting UFO Challenge with APQS and Farmhouse Quilts. The first thing I needed to work on was the Flower Wallhanging. I decided to add beads to it. I think this is looking better with the beads. I am asking for your thoughts on this.

More beads is needed.

What are your plans for the New Year? Any big special plans? Big special projects?

2019 will be bringing more to the One Creative Family. Granddaughters are wanting to add more to the group. That will be nice. Let me introduce you to the family of crafters.

Back Row: Allen and Kay Adams(Ashley’s parents), Alicia(Daughter), Me, Gary(hubby), Jimmy(son) Front Row: Alexis(Granddaughter) Emily(Granddaughter), Cecilia(Granddaughter), Katelin(Granddaughter), Mary(Daughter)Destiny, & Ashley(Daughter in law). Here we are one big crazy, fun loving family.

Ugly Sweater contest Christmas Day. Alicia won(2nd from right).

Have a wonderful 2019.

Such a Beautiful Season

Yesterday we had our “Mini” Christmas. As Katelin and Emily (2 granddaughters) couldn’t be with us tomorrow we had a family get together and celebrated with them. The theme was Desserts, and my table looked it.

Way too much food. The house was full of fun and laughter.

Everyone gets so busy, it is great to take some time and just enjoy life. This we did and am looking forward to tomorrow. This afternoon I am meeting with my good friend to exchange gifts. The stipulation we put on our exchange is that they have to be hand made in part or all. She is an artist so I made her 2 bags to carry her art to and from galleries, and then bought her a dragonfly suncatcher I made the box to put it in.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa, and just as important Happy 2019. May it bring you wonderful times and memories.

My lists

Last I wrote about following a fellow Blogger desertskyquilts, and her lists. This week I decided to give it a try. I had a good size list

I am happy to say that in 3 days the list was completed except the cake and pie. Those will be finished on Saturday as they will be for Sunday. I even had time to make it to 2 appointments, spend the day with a sick 3 yr old, sew, spend time window shopping with hubby, and spending an evening with the daughter quilting. Best week I have had in a long time.

Lists is my new favorite tool in my sewing room. This is Friday and I am already planning my next week. Seriously my next lists will officially start after Christmas. I will be spending the winter getting things ready for summer craft fairs. I am trying to come up with some new items to make and sell. This is the hardest for me. I like practical and unusual. Any suggestions?

Have a fun Friday and if you will be traveling over the Christmas Holidays, be safe.

Week of baking

With our family growing, grandchildren are all going different directions we are having a mini Christmas on Sunday.  Our oldest Granddaughter is celebrating with her Christmas Day with her boyfriend’s family and our third Granddaughter is spending Christmas Day with her dad, so we will have a “Dessert Christmas”  Table will be filled with sweets and we will enjoy everyone for the afternoon.  Then Christmas Day everyone else will be here again.  For this we need LOTS of sweets.  Sunday Katelin and Emily will take some home with them.  This week will bring 6 days of spending most of the day in the kitchen.  

As I was reading my daily blog friends, I came across  She writes about Weekly Goals.  As I write this her blog keeps popping to mind and I do believe I will be doing this.  Out comes my dry erase board and my list begins.

WOW now to start marking them off the list.  The cake will be on Saturday and Pie on Sunday.  I will break my day up so the mornings are in the kitchen and afternoons in sewing room.  I want to finish the flower wall hanging I am working on.  So close.  Then evenings watching tv with hubby.  Guess I need to let him know he isn’t alone in the house.  What are you working on before the New Year comes along?   How will you be celebrating the New Year?  Do you celebrate Christmas?  What are some of your traditions?  I really do enjoy hearing from all.

A little look of MO

After a slumber party with a 3 yr old who was wound up after seeing Frozen on Ice, my brain isn’t working too well.  With this said I was looking at photos I had taken  of Missouri and will share with you.

Meramec River.

Meramec River.
On the way to work, Independence, MO

Fall in Independence

Game of Life size
Chess on roof of KC Library
Old time Soda Fountain President Truman used to walk to. Independence, MO

Original Jail and Marshall’s House 
Independence, MO

Outside KC Library

Kansas City Union Station.

Wonderful Time of the Year

I love getting ready for Christmas and can’t wait for all the excitement.  I don’t know what you do for Christmas, but ours was getting so “Predictable”.  With that said, I am bringing in some of my childhood get togethers and bring a new twist.  Normally it is dinner, open gifts, and visiting.  This year the games and dominoes are being dusted off, and we are having an ugly sweater contest.  Hubby isn’t sure about it.  He likes his “man cave” alone.  It will be good.

I have also been making little stockings for everyone.  One of the gifts we give the kids are gift cards and they are so boring to wrap, so they will be given in stockings.  I will hang them all on the wall above the sofa and see if anyone notices they have names on them.  This is a sample of the stockings.IMG_20181212_144921122_TOP I am also making some of these cute “Lolly pops”.  When I went to quilt club Monday night we had a Christmas dinner and these were the door prizes.  I thought they were cute and plan on stealing their idea.  The stocking came from them also only the silverware was in it.  So cute.  IMG_20181212_144928396_TOP

On the subject of Quilt guild Christmas, I worked for several hours on a cake to take.  As I was walking in a clutzy Jackie(me) dropped the box it was in and cake plate shattered.  Cake ended up in trash.  I felt so bad and angry with myself.  I will make another one for the Holidays..  Maybe Clutzy me will stay away.IMG_20181210_115314247Before leaving home.

Oh well such is life.  Hope everyone has  a good day.