Holidays this year

How many of us just go thru the years enjoying the Holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holidays you celebrate and New Years) knowing what why we celebrate, but sometimes some hit harder.  This has been the case for me this year.  It has been a tough last 6-8 months and it makes me appreciate the importance of the meaning of these Holidays.  I am looking forward the most spending time with family and embracing every moment of it.

We put out tree up on Friday,  we will get the rest of the decorations out today and get it set up except the Manger Set.  This is has always been the job of the youngest in the family to set it up.  Tomorrow Destiny will set it up and will help decorate the lower part of the tree.  I am excited to see it all up and ready.

Get ready for some wonderful photos of our little house decorated.

Since this is blog is about our family here is a little bit about the other members.

Ashley and Jim(our son and daughter in law)bought a new home and it is a large old home.  It is 109 yrs old with the original woodwork and steep staircases.  They are hosting our Thanksgiving and have gone all out on decorations.  Their first house was quite a bit smaller and didn’t feel they had the room.  They are making most of their gifts so I don’t know what they are working on.  For some stupid reason they won’t tell me.

Mary is working on bath bombs and some soap.  Last year she came up with toilet bowl cleaners and I love them.  I’ve hinted at wanting more. Just drop one in the toilet and it keeps it fresh and clean.

Alicia is conspiring with the grandkids on Christmas so no news there.

Hubby is making puzzle boxes for the family.  As we give them all a little cash, he gets creative on ways for them to get their money.  He makes puzzle boxes and puts the money inside.  If they want their money they have to open the boxes.

Me, well I will share on little thing on my agenda.  I have been asked for different recipes that I make and so each Grandchild will get a cookbook with recipes from me, my family, and Gary’s family.  So the beginning on One Creative Family Cookbook.

Lots of fun and gifts made with love.  The best part of giving.

Enjoy and live each day as your last with no regrets.  Make it a joyful day.

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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

4 thoughts on “Holidays this year

  1. That is great advice on how to live each day and I love the photo of the pine tree with snow – awesome! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that 2019 is much brighter for you than 2018.


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